Pelosi: Pro-lifers want women to “die on the floor.”

And to think she was two heartbeats from the presidency not too long ago.

I really wonder about this woman’s mental health

Paul Kengor just posted a piece about Pelosi’s approval of the folks killing small business on Wall Street. That remark was a head scratcher, but I thought it was fairly typical of Pelosi.

But today she dropped a whopper.

Politics is the art of the possible. It’s about using rhetoric and compromise to accomplish the good, since the perfect is unattainable in this world.

Mrs. Pelosi has been in politics for a long time. She has been pro-abortion “rights” for a very long time. She has called herself Catholic for a longer time.

But today she said, “when the Republicans vote for this bill today, they will be voting to say that women can die on the floor…”

This statement is so far out of touch that it beggars belief that any but the most strident, unhinged person would have any reaction apart from, “okay now, sparky, let’s dial it back a bit.” And some might go so far as to call for the guys with the white coat (Lie down before you hurt yourself there, Nance).

Her statement was in reaction to a bill some Republicans are pushing that would restore conscience protections to health care, protecting those who object to abortion on any grounds whatsoever (it ain’t just Catholics, and it ain’t just people of faith), from being compelled to participate in abortions.

The bill does not outlaw abortions, it does not curtail anyone’s “right” to an abortion, it does not do anything but protect from prosecution those who conscientiously say, “this is barbaric and murder, I cannot do this.” Those who still think it okay to murder their child in utero can still do so legally. This law says that those of us who find this practice inhuman, barbaric, and/or diabolical do not have to participate.

The breathtaking irony, of course, is that she is accusing pro-lifers of letting women “die on the floor” (whatever that means, since the vaaaaast majority of abortions are elective and have nothing to do with the health, let alone life/death, of the mother) just because they refuse to participate in the murder of unborn children.

And yet, one of the two major parties in this country considers a woman as unhinged as she is to be one of their top leaders…



  • Nellis

    I have a question for the pro-abortion people on this board; I’ve always been curious about this… what about the supposed rare cases when the woman’s life is threatened… does the fetus comes before the life of the woman? If so, what then?

  • enness

    Jennifer: I presume to demand martyrdom from nobody, but I do have a question for women. If you wouldn’t voluntarily die to save your child now, then when? Just think about it.

    Lucy: Parasites, my bum. Does anybody look at a pregnant dog and exclaim, “Ugh, parasites”? Or do they conclude she’s going to have puppies? No, only when it suits us do we do such mental acrobatics…

  • enness

    All you need to do is look at Philadelphia, and the political cowardice that allowed that go on unchecked…

  • Nicholas Heald

    I would like to see Mrs. Pelosi’s proof that women would be dead on the floor if this bill (which does not outlaw the single murder of a child) would pass. How does protecting the conscience of Americans, who have the decency enough to have objections to participating in the mass murder of children, put dead women on the floor. This is a head scratcher for me. I suppose that Pelosi could not think of a rational argument to make against this bill, (which even many pro-aborts would have no problem with) so she makes an absurd argument that probably even she knows is totally ludicrous. The fact of the matter is that more women have been butchered since abortion became legal in the U.S. than before 1973. Where is my proof of this? Think about it: When abortion was illegal, those who did the ghastly procedure knew that if they botched it, the woman would come to the ER for help, and the abortionist would be exposed, and probably face jail time. Basically the abortionists back then knew that they had to be very careful not the mess the procedure up or they could wind up behind bars. Now that abortion is legal, they know they are practically immune, (with politicians and police departments in their back pockets) and they know if they mess up the procedure, or even kill a woman, the likelihood they will spend time in prison is very slim.

  • Brian C

    I would liek to recommend that CV reconsider the policy of automatically hiding a post once it reaches 10 dislikes. There is much good discussion in the long comments to Greg Smith’s first post that will not be seen by many; I almost missed it but decided to expand it which I normally don’t do. Or maybe increase the threshhold to 15 or 20 net dislikes.

    • Brian C


      • Michael F

        I usually just open them all up anyway, but it does help when I want to get to page 2 without scrolling through the whole list of replies that generally go with hidden comments. Perhaps an option to expand and retract comments, like a folder system on a computer?



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