Pelosi’s Dismissive Taunt to Catholics: “They Have This Conscience Thing”

The Washington Post‘s Lifestyle section caught up with Democrat minority leader Nancy Pelosi for an interview published today.

When questioned about Catholics who have asked to have conscience clause protections honored that would allow them to refuse personally performing abortions, she had this to say:

“‘I’m a devout Catholic and I honor my faith and love it . . . but they have this conscience thing’ that [Pelosi] insists put women at physical risk…”

Simply astonishing. The woman who absolutely demands that she has a right to follow her conscience when it disagrees with the Church is happy to force other people to violate their conscience when their conscience disagrees with hers.

You couldn’t formulate a more perfect example of hypocrisy if you tried.

But wait, it gets worse. This comment of hers was in the context of her defending her claim that allowing Catholics to opt-out of personally performing abortions would mean “letting women die on the floor.” She called Republican efforts to safeguard the pro-life consciences of health care providers “savage.” And she denied that such language was “too far.”

I know pro-life doctors. The idea that they are willing to let women facing a problem pregnancy “die on the floor” unattended is offensive and malicious.

Pelosi also said: “I think the pope would agree” that she knows more about having babies than he does. Since when does she get to publicly claim the pope backs her decision?

I don’t think Pelosi even knows what she’s saying. In the meantime, she remains an incredible embarrassment to Catholic moral values and a scandal to the faithful.

Is this the fruit of her meeting(s?) with her bishop, Archbishop George Niederauer?

I hope bishops –beginning with her own bishop, Abp. Niederauer– publicly correct her and soon. I hope the Vatican responds to Pelosi’s claim that the pope defers to Pelosi on all matters pertaining to abortion.

It is simply intolerable to have a Catholic who claims to be “devout” and who claims to “honor” and “love” her faith to be publicly advocating for fellow Catholics to have their consciences forcibly violated through the coercion of law.

And for those watching the signs of the times, witness here the final unravelling of the myth of absolute primacy of conscience. Conscience is not a license for willful dissent from the teaching of the Church.



  • Dennis

    Notice that Pelosi used the word “they” and not “we”. We can infer that despite what she said, she doesn’t really consider herself Catholic except when it is politically advantageous for her to do so.

  • enness

    “They”? It’s supposed to be “we,” Madame (well, she got one thing right).



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