Pelosi’s latest self-inflicted wound, this time while “defending” Eric Holder

This woman seems not to have any shame.

Nancy Pelosi today said that the investigation by Congress into the Department of Justice’s coverup of the Fast and Furious debacle was intended to prevent Attorney General Eric Holder and the DOJ from stopping the suppression of voter turnout in the upcoming election. Really, that’s her charge.

It’s a fantastic charge that suffers mortal wounds on a few fronts, and helps highlight another shortcoming of Eric Holder as AG.

First, it assumes that all the lawyers and bureaucrats at the DOJ are spending a significant chunk of their time on Congress’ investigation and subpoenas. Considering Holder himself seems to be spending the barest amount of time possible on the investigation it beggars belief that he would require or allow that many underlings to spend much time on it. Unless, of course, the time is spent devising new strategies to stonewall Congress.

Second, it ignores that the Obama campaign has stricter rules about who can get into campaign events than we have for who can vote—photo ID is required to get into Obama campaign events, but it is apparently racist to require an ID to vote. Why is Obama racist? Why doesn’t Nancy care about attendee suppression?

Third, and most devastatingly, Holder’s DOJ has already shown that it does not care about prosecuting voter suppression and intimidation.* Does “New Black Panther Party” and “Philadelphia” ring a bell?

In sum, some members of the NBPP stood outside a Philly polling station in paramilitary garb, one wielding a baton (not the kind majorettes twirl at halftime), and shouting things like, “You’re about to be ruled by the black man, Cracker,” at white people attempting to exercise their sovereign right to vote. It’s on YouTubeAnd here. All of this was in sworn affidavits, made its way to the appropriate portion of the Bush-era DOJ, where it was handled by a team of lawyers that included Bartle Bull, a left-leaning lawyer and veteran of civil rights and voter rights law. After the four defendants failed to show up or respond at all the DOJ had a default judgment against them and all that remained was the sentencing.

But by this point Eric Holder was the attorney general and his people were in charge. They ordered the lawyers handling the case to drop all charges, saying the evidence did not support them. Which was utterly false. Nothing ever happened and no good explanation as to why nothing happened ever emerged from the Holder DOJ.

So no, Eric Holder and his DOJ are not credible enforcers of voter intimidation laws.

I suppose we’re all accustomed to this by now from Nancy Pelosi, but still. At least she could try to come up with a better line. Or, perhaps, she could apply some pressure to get the DOJ to come clean on Fast and Furious since it has resulted in the murders of hundreds of Mexican nationals and at least two Americans, including two American law enforcement agents, Customs and Border Protection Agent Brian Terry and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Jaime Zapata, and possibly a third, rancher Larry Link.

Too much to ask, it seems. Decency loses out to partisanship. And the people of Mexico and the U.S. are the ones who suffer.


*That is, provided the intimidators are black and the intimidatees are white, it seems.



  • Braden

    On the other hand, the right–and Catholics–didn’t seem to care about a Justice department that refused to address the intrinsic evil of torture.

    • Amanda

      Brandon, although I can be guilty of the same thing, you pointing out something different from what is being talked about does not mean that the main subject is no longer valid. In discussions it is always best to stick to what is being discussed and not bring up a completely different point. Otherwise it makes it seem like you don’t know the subject well enough to defend your views, when I’m sure you do. Peace and Joy! Amanda

  • El.Escuela.Es.Malo.

    Robots don’t have shame.

    • TheJaneTrain

      Hey, that’s my line. 😐

  • TheJaneTrain

    Robots can’t have shame.



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