People of Life

I’m just getting to read Teresa Tomeo’s new book, Extreme Makeover: Women Transformed by Christ, Not Conformed to the Culture. At the very beginning of it, she quotes the current archbishop of Philadelphia, Charles J. Chaput:

We need to really believe what we say we believe. Then we need to prove it by the witness of our lives. We need to be so convinced of the truths of the Creed that we are on fire to live by these truths, to love by these truths, and to defend these truths, even to the point of our own discomfort and suffering.

This month has been Respect Life Month. It’s really a reminder that every month, every day, every hour, we should be respecting the dignity of human life in our lives.

Archbishop Gomez of Los Angeles wrote earlier this month:

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta used to love the Gospel story of the Visitation. She always pointed to this detail — how St. John the Baptist leapt in St. Elizabeth’s womb when Mary walked into the room.

She said: “Something very beautiful, something very wonderful happened. The first human being to recognize the presence of Jesus was the little one in the womb of his mother — who leaped with joy. It is so beautiful to think that God gave that little unborn child the greatness of proclaiming the presence of Jesus on earth.”

This is why for Catholics the defense of unborn life is not a political issue. This issue is deeply related to who we are as Catholics, to our identity as disciples of Jesus Christ.

An unborn child was the first to bear witness to Jesus! God loved us so much that he entered into this world as each one of us did — through the womb of a mother. Jesus Christ took our human nature and spent nine months in the womb!

Why would he do this?

To show us that human life is sacred. To show us that every life is precious to God. To show us that each of us is a child of God who is loved in a special way by our Father in heaven.

We heed these shepherd’s words if we really believe what we say we believe.



  • Marcy K.

    I recently finished the Teresa Tomeo book Extreme Makeover, and what struck me was the facts in the book: the lies of the abortion and contraceptive industry, the covered ups – especially the links to breast cancer, the toxic sexual saturation, etc. And all of that pushed, pushed, pushed by our culture and the media. I was impressed by the facts, but what was most important was how to allow Christ into our lives to change us. It is so hard with Facebook, Twitter, the Internet, etc. to get close to Christ but it can be done.



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