Petition Against the Petition

Of course, you’ve heard about the petition on the site that urges President Obama to designate Catholics as a hate group, right?

"Let me tell you about the petition I started to label the Catholic Church as a hate group."

Well, now there’s a petition to designate the people who made the first petition as a hate group.

My wife says we could turn the other cheek, and she’s probably correct.

But it is kind of funny to call the haters haters.  So, let’s turn the other cheek, but also quickly, as we are turning, call them hateful bigots and then finish by turning the other cheek.

Let’s see if we can get 25,000 signatures before the anti-Catholic bigots can get their signatures.

"I love this new petition. That's why I'm smiling."



  • Joe M

    It’s tempting to be amused by this topic. However, the power for government to dictate what speech is legal is not far fetched for progressives. Canada already does this.

  • Philip D.

    It seems as though it might be simpler for the Catholic Church to stop doing things that are hateful or can be interpreted as hateful. The 2009 anti-gay marriage camping was largely run and financed by Catholics. The bishops right hand man, Mark Mutty, took a leave of absence from his duties to run that campaign. He admitted, on film, that the campaign, financed by the Catholic Church, used deception and lies in order to accomplish the goals even stating that the anti-gay ads were false. These are the things that hate groups do. They lie in order to accomplish their goals. These, unfourtunately are also the things the Catholic Church finds itself doing these days. Instead of shooting the messenger, we need to use this as a wake up call and end this war between our hierarchy and gay people. It does NOT represent Catholics or Catholic Values.

    • Cheryl Mesher

      “… end this war between our hierarchy and gay people”.
      And how would you suggest that we do that???

  • Greg B.

    And maybe the KKK should start a petition to declare the NAACP a hate group.



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