Petition Against the Petition

Of course, you’ve heard about the petition on the site that urges President Obama to designate Catholics as a hate group, right?

"Let me tell you about the petition I started to label the Catholic Church as a hate group."

Well, now there’s a petition to designate the people who made the first petition as a hate group.

My wife says we could turn the other cheek, and she’s probably correct.

But it is kind of funny to call the haters haters.  So, let’s turn the other cheek, but also quickly, as we are turning, call them hateful bigots and then finish by turning the other cheek.

Let’s see if we can get 25,000 signatures before the anti-Catholic bigots can get their signatures.

"I love this new petition. That's why I'm smiling."



  • Grisha357

    This is a waste of time. The President does not and can not designate any orginizations as “hate groups.”

    • Greg B.

      But the people who believe that the socialist/communist/terrorist Kenyan in the White House wants to outlaw the Bibke and put conservatives in re-education camps do believe that he has such powers and will add their names… unless they think it’s a trap!

      • abadilla

        The President may not believe “all of the above” but many liberal leftists do. Chris Matthews would do just that if he could.

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  • Chris R

    I’m waiting to see the petition for Obamacare to mandate free access to Aldous Huxley’s Soma.

  • Michael Murad

    To David L Alexander: here’s a link to the original petition.

    FYI — you can search the site against words to find a particular petition; I just searched on “Catholic” and got one hit (the link above).

  • David L Alexander

    Does anyone have an actual link to the original petition, or is it easier to simply talk about it? I can’t find any story that shows the link itself: CNA, EWTN, you guys; it’s like I’ve got nothing better to do.

  • drPC

    I agree with your position, but I am not voluntarily putting my personal information into Big Brother’s database by signing petitions at

    • John Flaherty

      I’m inclined to agree.

    • Greg B.

      Because the federal government doesn’t already have your name and address????



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