Photo Caption Call: Baby Toss

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Original caption: A baby is held up as Pope Benedict XVI leads the Sunday angelus prayer from the window of his private apartment in Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican July 3, 2011 (Reuters)



12 thoughts on “Photo Caption Call: Baby Toss

  1. Steven says:

    “I prayed for this child, and the LORD granted my request.
    Now I, in turn, give him to the LORD; as long as he lives, he shall be dedicated to the LORD.” (1 Sam 1:27-28)

  2. Sam says:

    You’re supposed to put me down before you go charismatic!

  3. susan says:

    Everybody who’s pro-life, raise your baby!

  4. Rex says:

    In some countries it isn’t the bouquet that the bride tosses over her shoulder…

  5. Anna Maria says:

    What a Bella/Bello Bambino! I love Waking Up Catholic’s caption!

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