Photo Caption Call: MegaPope

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Photo source (it’s real): Reuters



11 thoughts on “Photo Caption Call: MegaPope

  1. steven says:

    The recent ad campaign by Church officials, “go big or go home” big success in Germany, story at 11.

  2. Richard C. says:

    The Bild tabloid’s headline from the papal election is already funny enough: “We’re Pope!”

  3. Davide says:

    My first and only sweetheart is now Pope and here I sit peddling this dang bike. Life is so unfair.

  4. Waking Up Catholic says:

    Germany to the World: “Our Pope is bigger than your Pope!” ***raspberry***

  5. EegahInc says:

    Though it seems to be getting harder to each and every day, Sister John Margaret from the order of Our Lady of the Progressive Greenness does her determined best to ignore the Pope.

    1. Thomas Peters says:

      EagahInc — nice! :)

    2. Michael Lee says:

      Oh, that is just way to good! This should definitely be the winner, and be blasted all over facebook and twitter! Good Job!

  6. Vernacular Catholic says:

    No, no! Pabst! I said get me a Pabst.

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