Photo: Disrupter at Pope Benedict’s Wednesday Audience removed

And it looks like the papal security used a “nose hold” to subdue him:

Photo caption: Getty Images – A man (C) is stopped by security guards as he tried to shout at Pope Benedict XVI during his weekly general audience in Paul VI hall at the Vatican on January 26, 2011. The man was far away from the Pope in the middle of Paul VI hall.



  • greg smith

    I found the rstraint of the Royal Prtective Service amazing when Charles and Camila’s car was attacked. “The officers ALMOST” drew thier weapons.” I expect that if someone got close enough to “Cadalac One” to poke a stick into Michelle’s ribs, a Secret Service agent have drawn his pistol, got a sight picture on the guys head, taken up the trigger slack and, if he hadn’t obeyed the order to back off, would have put a .357 Sig round in the guy’s crainum. I wonder what kind of a firearms policy the Pope’s guards have

  • GW why do I need 3 letters or more?

    Not to be outdone by Gene Roddenberry, the Swiss Guard has developed their own Vatican Death Grip. Still in development: the Magisterium Mind Meld.

  • Melba

    Nose hold?!?!? They were just covering his mouth so he’d be quiet!



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