Photo: The Papal Washing of the Feet

This photo is from last year’s Holy Thursday (I believe) – this year’s liturgy has begun in Rome:

I’ve been reading the Pope’s newest book, Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week, and enjoying it immensely. My goal has been to read along with the pope’s narrative of the final events of Jesus’ life in between attending Triduum liturgies this year. So far, so great!

If you have not yet picked up a copy, Easter Week is also an excellent time to read it.



  • Davide

    Great article. I have read Jesus of Nazareth Vol 1. Very good–I havent had a chance to read Vol. 2. Whats with all the discussion about washing feet and why in heck would anyone film and sent to Vatican? Just be thankful His Holiness the Pope wasn’t washing my feet. We find ourselves having a conclave 😉 —stinky :)

  • Gabriel C.

    Thomas, great minds think alike; I am doing the same. The book has made my Holy Week all the more powerful and meaningful (not to say it isn’t always powerful and meaningful, of course). I hope it does the same for you and all the other readers out there. Happy Easter, Thomas and to Papists everywhere.

  • Dan

    @Bruce: And Rome’s response would be approved, as of February 1987. Link:

  • Bruce

    BTW, only men may have their feet washed. If women are having their feet washed at your parish, film it and send it to your bishop or to the Vatican.

    • chrb

      I find the idea of filming a woman’s feet being washed and sending it to the Vatican extraordinarily creepy and hilarious…

      • Bruce

        Really? I find the abuse of liturgy and the subsequent loss of faith among the faithful to be extraordinarily sad and depressing. I guess you and I have different priorities.

    • Dan

      Rome response would be: Authorized in the USA as of February 1987.

      • Matt

        Authorized or not, wouldn’t this be at the discretion of the local Bishop?



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