Photo: America’s bright future

Last night I had the opportunity of meeting Representative-elect (and CatholicVote PAC-endorsed!) Sean Duffy along with his awesome wife Rachel and their little baby Maria Victoria here in Washington DC.

My friend Eric spotted this wonderful photo of Sean as he “narrates and records a video for his Facebook page while walking around Statuary Hall inside the U.S. Capitol Hill” earlier in the day.

I thought it particularly appropriate because of the statue of Fr. Junipero Serra in the background (note the parallel gesture). We need more brave Catholic missionaries in politics.

Sean Duffy is a Catholic father of six, 39 years young.

The future is bright.

Photo: Getty Images



  • Laura

    That truly is a beautiful picture

  • Defend Us In Battle

    As someone who worked on a campaign against a CINO candidate… It gives me so much pleasure to see pictures like this.

    We must do our part and pray that they hold steadfast to their beliefs, and that the teachings of the Church remain in all that they do.

  • Bruce

    I used to live up on the North Shore of Wisconsin, and I do hope that Mr. Duffy helps the good people up there quite a bit more than his predecessor did. The hope from the folks up there is that he and the new governor might be able to actually bring back jobs and industry to Superior and the surrounding areas.



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