Photopost: Christmas Eve in Rome

Quiet images of Rome waiting for the little child’s birth:

St. Peter’s Square at nightfall. Photo: Getty Images

The Vatican’s nativity scene, with empty manger. Photo: Getty Images

Pope Benedict holding a candle. Photo: Getty Images

St. Peter’s Square, with Christmas Tree and Nativity Scene.

Photo: AP Photo



  • Mary

    Thank you for this – Rome is so beautiful!

  • greg smith

    Thomas – Thank you for this wonderful display. Pope Benedict with the candle is amazing. Last night, my wife and I went, as we always do, went to the 5:00 PM Family mass where the children from our school enact the gospel in a nativity play. The readings – shared by five of the older girls – were crystel clear. The 8th grade girl who played the blessed Virgin was did double duty as the alter server. Both our children’s chior and our Cantonese chior sang. The adult chior will sing at Midnight mass. Slightly over half of our students are not Catholic so this is always a chance to show off Catholicism to thier families. Fathers’ brief homily was about how we don’t need i-pads or twitter to stay connected to God. After the dismissal Father wished us a merry Christmas in English, Spanish, Cantonese and Tagalog and predicted that,as happens every year, someone will call the rectory on Christmas day to inquire about midnight mass. Afterward we went en masse with most of our Chinese parishoners across the street to Kaing Thien, one of the nicest Chinese resturaunts in the City for a traditional Christmas eve dinner of sizziling rice soup and lemon chicken. My daughter and son in law will be here at 4:00 so I think I’ll get started on the turkey. I hope everyone is having as nice a Christmas as we are!

  • Anna Maria

    My dream vacation: Christmas in Rome-Vatican City, to be exact! Blessed Christmas to all and you AmP!


    Cool! Seems that B-16 got through midnight mass without a distrubed person jimping on him. We call that progress!

  • Panda Rosa

    Such moving images, esp of Papa Benedict holding the candle.

  • Laura

    Thank you for the pictures, specially Pope Benedict’s. Merry Christmas to all



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