Photos: Pakistani Muslims protest Pope’s words on blasphemy, burn him in effigy

Photos which show a thousand expressions of hate (scroll down for story):

Photo: AP Photo

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: AP Photo

Photo: AP Photo

Pakistani Religious leaders hold banners and chant slogans during a protest against Pope Benedict XVI’s recent statements about Pakistan’s blasphemy laws in Lahore, Pakistan, Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2011. Pope Benedict XVI urged Pakistan to reverse its blasphemy laws, saying Monday they were a pretext for violence against non-Muslims, and demanded that all governments do more so Christians can practice their faith without fear.

This is what Pope Benedict said about Pakistan in his 2011 State of the World speech last weekend:

Among the norms prejudicing the right of persons to religious freedom, particular mention must be made of the law against blasphemy in Pakistan: I once more encourage the leaders of that country to take the necessary steps to abrogate that law, all the more so because it is clear that it serves as a pretext for acts of injustice and violence against religious minorities.

The tragic murder of the governor of Punjab shows the urgent need to make progress in this direction: the worship of God furthers fraternity and love, not hatred and division.

Pakistan is also the country that sentenced Asia Bibi, a 45-year-old mother of 5 children, to death. (I believe this is the same “Asyia” mentioned in the large poster in one of the photos above … held by a group of Islamic women, which I think is especially perverse.)

What was Asia’s “blasphemous” crime? To simply state that Christianity is true. I have reported on her cause and CatholicVote organized a campaign on her behalf.

Please pray for the people of Pakistan, especially Christians, and pray for the Holy Father’s safety as Muslims in that country continue to foment hatred against him.



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  • TrueCatholic

    Why is it that only those comments that are critical of this blog or of Mr. Peters are hidden? Other comments have had more than 10 or 11 dislikes but have not been hidden. Interesting.

  • quick1

    I cant beleive anyone would be critical of this woman who is on death row for doing nothing,in America we always error on the side of the victim except when comes to abortion the victim being the baby.its always the job of the pope to promote world peace and that all innocent life is sacred,and all the world leaders including our president shouLd denounce any maltreatment of someones life,imagine how alone this woman feels,GOD BLESS THE POPE FOR SPEAKING OUT!I WISH MORE WOULD

  • Bruce

    Islam is not a path to salvation.

  • Nathan

    Unrelated, BUT VERY IMPORTANT!

    Peters; I never commented before on your blog, but this issue needs to be addressed. Red Bull has a new commerical on the interent that mocks the Sacrament of Penance. I was trying to find a link but I can’t – tonight is the first night I seen it. It shows a person going to cofession for the mere purpose of gaining names of promicuous girls. It starts with him confessing fornication and the priest responds by guessing names of girls in the town. After which, the confessor tells a friend the new promicuous girls they should go after.

    The Sacarament of Penance can not be disgraced like this; please, lead us in protest or something!

    • Irishtroubadour

      Nathan, I saw this commercial, and have to be honest, I laughed. What this commercial is basing itself off of is a very old Catholic Joke. This joke has been used for years, and, Red Bull picked it up and used. Maybe not in the best taste, becuase many people may be misled by it, and true that is cause for concern, but for those of us are Catholic, and have a sense of humor and know our faith, know that it’s pretty funny. But in contrast, the general public, who are not as catechized as we are about our faith, need to be educated on the pun it. Hope that helps. My favorites are “Catholic Pick-up lines”, such as: In the conffession line a guy turns to the girl behind him and says “Come here often” or “What’s a good girl like you doing in a line like this”. Or my personal favorite “I lost my Theology of the Body, can I borrow yours?”!!



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