Photopost: The day a boy slipped past the Swiss Guards to greet the Pope

The pictures say it all:

A boy runs to hug Pope Benedict XVI as he leads a weekly general audience in Paul VI Hall at the Vatican on Feb. 2. The boy managed to sneak through security to greet the pontiff. (Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters)

Pope Benedict XVI greets a child during his weekly general audience on Feb. 2 in Paul VI hall at The Vatican. (Tiziana Fabi / AFP – Getty Images)

A boy, who managed to sneak through security and reach the papal throne, is carried outside by security after he met Pope Benedict XVI during a weekly general audience in Paul VI Hall at the Vatican on Feb. 2. (Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters)

… a charming occurrence, but honestly – Swiss Guards – pay more attention!



  • Mike Malone

    Brilliant but I’m better somebody in the Swiss Guard feels more like Swiss Cheese tonight.


  • Panda Rosa

    Hope his parents go easy on him.

  • WillyJ

    Just then, the guards heard a voice say “let the children come to me”

  • JohnE
  • Carolyn

    Cute! And the boy is obviously being handed back to his father or relative, not being carried out by security — see the camera and the man’s jacket. The boy has a little of St. Therese in him!

  • Greg Smith

    The Swiss Guards arn’t the ones who do the “secret service” type protection. There is a special unit for that (The guys we see in the pic)recruited from veterans of the Italian Police.

    • Grant L. Richard

      I went on a pilgrimage to Rome last year and the our priest/guide — Ordained a couple days before we met him — got us into the Swiss Guard armory. It was really neat. And, we got to talk with one of the secret service ones. I think the secret service ones are all Swiss, though.

      • Greg Smith

        Wow. What an oportunity. What did they have beside halliards and swords? Sig Saur 229s, Heckler & Kotch MP-5s, Short barreled shotguns?



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