Photos From the Revolution: Before Chick-fil-A

Today was a great statement about the right to free expression of beliefs. But I wanted to remind us all of an earlier statement Americans made over the past few months when more than 300 rallies were held in cities and towns across the country, with attendance topping 125,000.  Read details here, and see some pictures I gathered below.



  • Nathan

    Tom, as you are also a fellow Kansas resident, and with the post picture of the rally in Topeka, have you seen Sen. Moran’s remarks that he taped for the event? He was was scheduled to attend but couldn’t due to votes that day in D.C. but nevertheless recorded his remarks. Very good.

  • David

    It’s a sad day when a company can give millions to an organization that says that gay people should be “exported”, but thousands of people flock to buy their product in a show of support. I am truly embarrassed today.

    • Tom Hoopes

      Did he hear Sprigg say that? Maybe he just heard him say this: “In response to a question regarding bi-national same-sex couples who are separated by an international border, I used language that trivialized the seriousness of the issue and did not communicate respect for the essential dignity of every human being as a person created in the image of God. I apologize for speaking in a way that did not reflect the standards which the Family Research Council and I embrace.”

      • David

        Im sorry, if you have dignity and respect for people you don’t say things like “I would much prefer to export” them. Ever. In the first place. Then you don’t need to issue a fake apology. You are defending an officially designated hate group that says things that are worse than the Westboro Baptist Church. These are the groups that chick-fil-a donates millions of dollars to. When you clamor to support chick-fil-a, you are in turn supporting speech that is no better than “God Hates Fags”.

    • Antonio A. Badilla

      David, are you also embarrassed by Bill Gates’s wife donating millions of dollars for contraceptives to be distributed all over the Third World even though the Third World is mostly Roman Catholic and therefore rejects this type of “aid?” Are you also embarrassed by donating millions of dollars on behalf of gay marriage? Should we also boycott them?
      If you believe the Huffington Post, then, of course, you believe Chick-fil-A has done something terrible to gay people, but if you check the people they hire, you’ll see they also hire gay people because to discriminate against them, on the basis of sexual orientation, would be dead wrong. I mention the Huffington Post because you mentioned it as one of your sources.
      Should people boycott the Huffington Post because their leftist politics go too far? I say NO, and you know why, simple, I believe in freedom of speech. I don’t like the KKK marching. I think what they stand for is evil, but freedom of speech also gives them the right to express their sick opinions. Everyone in this country has the right to express their opinions, the gay community and also Chick-fil-A.

      • Francine

        Everyone has a freedom to express their beliefs. But Catholics should not support businesses that spread hate. It is clear that chick-fil-a is supporting groups that are actively working to put gay people in jail, to have them put to death in Uganda, and to export them from the united states. That a catholic paper is not only defending this, but actively encouraging its readers to support it, is reprehensible.

        • Tom Hoopes

          For the record: Neither the FRC nor any other group I’m aware of is “actively working to put gay people in jail” (the only reference I’ve seen is to the FRC’s Sprigg observing that the uniform military code forbids sex acts) or have them put to death or “export them from the United States” (Sprigg was speaking to the question of an international homosexual couple and later apologized for saying the two should stick in the foriegn partner’s country) ……………….. Homosexual activists are using dishonesty to smear their opponents.

  • Richlam

    Let’s not forget what we must all do come November. Obama has gone too far with his attack on our religious freedoms. All people of faith must work together to defeat Obama and take back our government.



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