Photos: Minnesota Dems’ breathtakingly offensive campaign literature

Several Catholic blogs have already commented on this mailing, produced by the Democrat Party in Minnesota, which is being sent out across the state:

If you can’t quite make it out, the pin reads “Ignore the Poor”.

The back of the mailing is even more offensive (though not as blatantly anti-Catholic):

Conservatives are often attacked for “bringing their faith into politics”, but look what this ad does: it simultaneously accuses Preacher Hall of “pushing politics from the pulpit” AND asks “Who in God’s name would deny health care to the poor?”

In other words, the Democrats behind this mailing want it both ways: they want to use a moral argument which puts God in their camp, but they also refuse to allow that there may be other valid interpretations of how to translate the teachings of Christ into our politics.

Speaking of wanting to have it both ways, these Democrats opted to not only impugn Pracher Hall’s character, they also decided to go after the Catholic Church. So not cool.



  • Francis

    This ad is sickening. I would identify the faceless person wearing clerical garb as a priest, and most priests that I know and with whom I work are absolutely dedicated to helping the poor. They are very compassionate, caring individuals.

    Going after Dan Hall for his actions is another matter.

    • Bruce

      Correct. One could theoretically have placed a teacher on this ad with an “Ignore the Poor” button, as most politicians up here are stumping for schools and teachers and not paying any attention to the poor. This ad was more dishonest and stupid than necessarily bigoted.

  • Emily

    As devoutly Catholic as I am, and as sensitive as I am towards anything that mocks my Faith, I have to say that I don’t see it here. Other clerics wear collars, too. Could be any minister. Do I agree with the message? No. But I don’t see it as anti-Catholic, either.

    • Kim

      Emily, why would the Democratic party be targeting Lutheran or Episcopal clergy?? They almost always side with the Democratic party. Plus, Lutherans and Episcopal clergy wear collars of another color to distinguish them from Roman Catholic Priests.

      I know it’s hard to believe that the Minnesota DFL would do something so anti-Catholic, but believe me, I was a member of the MN DFL for years and this ad is right in line with their thinking. They see the Catholic church as an evil heirarchy and the real enemy towards social progess. I am ashamed at the things I said and thought about His Church during that time of my life.



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