Photos of Martyrdom: Anti-Catholic Protestors Taunt Pilgrims in Madrid

I debated about whether to post these photos but I decided to for an important reason: to ask for prayers and to encourage us to support and appreciate the courage of Catholic pilgrims in Madrid who have had to face, at times, vicious anti-Catholic harassment. The photos tell the story (via Reuters FaithWorld):

Protestors light the WYD banner on fire directly in front of praying pilgrims

Two men shout insults at a pilgrim nun as she walks by them

A group of men shout at a nun and young women as they pass

I don't even know how to describe this awful scene

Archbishop Chaput’s remarks on world youth day and religious freedom suddenly take on more urgency when you see images such as these. We must pray for those who hate the Church.




    Me and my family were in Madrid las WYD. When we saw that photos we tried to find the Australian girls, because they were far from their homes and for their families, but there were a lot of people and we couldn’t met that braves pilgrims. If anyone know them please tell them that in Spain we are so sorry about the incidents and so proud about that braves pilgrims. I would like to know them.

  • Rachel

    I haven’t had the time to read through all 9 pages of comments so i don’t know if this has been mentioned. I have a GREAT love for St. Nicolas, aka Santa Claus. My favorite story about him of all times is when at the Council of Nicea he walked up to Bishop Arius and popped him one in the jaw for denying the divinity of Christ. Santa- guilty of assult and battery, love it! So sainthood is still possible is someone has the pluck to knock the block off of one of these losers at WYD…

  • Scribbly

    Two sons and a daughter-in-law were there in Madrid whilst I listened to news and prayed.

    It’ll be interesting to see their rememberances when they get back.

    Actually, they got locked out from the final Mass “because of slack security” (but I’ve not heard the full story yet).

  • jorobo

    Something it impacts me is the face of those persons who pretend to impose their habits by attacking the church, their face do not show any dignity or respect for themselves or others, they are ones who you would like to be far away from. Truly, we must pray for those who hate the church.

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  • Laura

    Men screaming at nuns and young women? there’s so many things wrong with that picture



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