Photos/Video of Springfield Tornado Damage to Catholic Institutions & Lives

Obviously a tornado effects everyone in the area it touches, but AmP reader Joe is asking for prayers from the Catholic community for the damage Catholic institutions in Springfield, MA sustained in yesterday’s tornado outbreak – and of course, the people.

Here’s raw video of the tornado forming over the Connecticut river and passing a television station:

Here’s what AmP reader Joe wrote me about the aftermath…

St. Michael’s Academy, a brand new catholic elementary school opened only 2 years ago:

These photos via The Republican.

Here is our bishop, Rev. Timothy McDonald, with children of the school:

Retired priests at St. Michael’s Rectory in Springfield (the Diocesan rectory) had to be evacuated after the tornado damaged the rectory:

Cathedral High School (via WWLP):

Cathedral High is one of the 3 Catholic high schools in western MA, which was very badly damaged by the tornado today. Friday morning was supposed to be their graduation ceremony for the seniors.  We are not sure what is going to go on.

We are all just shocked in Springfield MA and just when it seemed our diocese was starting to grow and incorporate new schools/buildings, this storm will have a huge impact in the future of these advances.

Please pray for the Catholics –and all residents– of Springfield, MA!



  • Melinda

    st michaels is spread onto three campuses- preK, k-5 and middle school. my daughter attends the preschool which is in the first picture. the prek building and the middle school sustained damage. they are moving the preschool into the elementary school building and the middle school is going to be on a local college campus for the remainder of the year.
    cathedral (the high school) was comdemned according to a local news report. I don’t know where they are holding classes for the remainder of the year.

    • mary

      The CHS students only went to the Elms for one half day then were let out for the summer.I heard that if the National Guard is sent in to a disaster zone kids don’t have to go the full year.

      The St.Michael’s middle school students are at the new Center for the Sciences and Pharmacy at Western New England College for the remainder of the year.

      St. Michael’s elementary, the former Holy Cross school, was not in the direct path of the tornado (thank God because there were after school kids there) so the Pre-K kids are going there.

  • Tim

    Posted by Steph Hills (from Maynard)….

  • Michael B.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Thomas. This is a very sad story. I will certainly keep those affected by these tornadoes in my prayers. Is there anything else we can do to help? Is there anything we can do to help these schools out financially or otherwise?

  • davide

    Wow I couldn’t even imagine living through a tornado. When I lived in Dallas many tornado warnings and such. I will pray for all those affected by such a disaster



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