Place your bets

Who will be the next pope is anyone’s guess.

There are, however, a handful of names that keep coming up in conversation.

Here’s Fr. Barron on the Today Show speaking with Matt Lauer about possible successors to Pope Benedict:

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While it may be fun to pontificate about who the favorite is at this point in time, as Fr. Robert Sirico of Sacred Heart Parish in Grand Rapids, Michigan so aptly put it: “anyone who tells you there is a ‘front-runner’ simply does not know what he is talking about.”

Whoever the next pope will be, I think we’ll get a clear sense for the direction the Church wants to go, especially when it comes to the Vatican’s relationship with the SSPX. As Catholic News Agency columnist Louis Verrecchio has written, “we will know what the immediate future holds for the Church based upon just one observation; namely, the liturgical mindset of Pope Benedict’s successor.”

I’ll let other CatholicVote contributors discuss what each possible successor brings to the table, but at the time this post went live, the online prediction website Intrade has Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana as the frontrunner with a 25% chance of becoming the next pope. Followed by Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi at 21.9%, the Archbishop of Milan Angela Scola at 17.1%, Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Canada at 12.5%, and Cardinal Frances Arinze of Nigeria at 4.5%.

I don’t condone betting on who the next pope will be, nor do I think there is a favorite at this time, but most would conclude that these are the likeliest candidates to succeed Pope Benedict.

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  • abadilla

    When Cardinal Albino Luciani became John Pauil I, did we have an idea of who he was? I don’t think so. When the Cardinal Archbishop of Cracow Poland became John Paul II, did we have an idea of who he was? I don’t think so. When Cardinal Joseph Ratziger became Pope did we have an idea of who he was? Many of us knew him because he was famous as Prefect for the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, but we really didn’t think he would become the Pope given the liberal trends so many of us witnessed in the Church in 2005.
    Allen of the “National Catholic Reporter” seems to favor Cardinal Ravasi and for what I hear he would be excellent, but I don’t know the man and that would mean the papacy will return to Italy. None of the American Cardinals impress me to become Pope. The Canadian Cardinal is impressive but I don’t think he has a chance at 70. Cardinal Burke is wonderful but I don’t see an American in that position. Cardinal Arinze is too old and I think this time the College of Cardinals want a younger man for the papacy. The other African Cardinal I presume has been dismissed because I hear, and I might be wrong, he has campaigned for the position and that is frowned upon by the College of Cardinals, so, I don’t know who will become the next Pope but I hope it will be someone who knows how to evangelized, will continue on the footsteps of this Pope which means stressing the liturgy and discarding abuses, having a dialogue with the Lefevrites, etc.

  • AuthenticBioethics

    The list is certainly what everyone sees in the media… then again, a lot of the media are cutting and pasting what they see in other media. I think the conclave will surprise everyone. But if I can hold out a hope, I’m pulling for Cardinal Burke. Not “betting” on him, but rooting for him.


    Matt Lauer: “Fr. Robert Barron is the rector of the Mundelein Cemetery [sic!] in Chicago…” (smh)
    Also, I’m hoping against the odds for a Pope from Manila:



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