Planned Parenthood as American as apple pie?!

Katrina vanden Heuvel, Editor and publisher of “The Nation” declares Planned Parenthood as American as “Apple Pie”:

“Planned Parenthood is in women’s lives.  One in 6 women and their daughters have been helped by Planned Parenthood.  It’s like apple pie.”

Watching this segment from MSNBC’s The Ed Show, it’s obvious that job #1 for the radical feminist left is reversing what they know is the biggest challenge for their movement: growing negative public perceptions of abortion and their industry leader, Planned Parenthood.

Thanks in part to the work of pro-lifers like Lila Rose, there has been increasing consensus among voters to eliminate Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding.  We’ve also seen mainstream organizations and charities begin distancing themselves from Planned Parenthood.  Thus, when the ubiquitious and respected Komen’s Foundation for Breast Cancer tried to cut ties with Planned Parenthood, powerful pro-choice elites in Congress and the media had to respond swiftly and decisively to put dramatic brakes on this trend.  When the annual salaries for Planned Parenthood’s top executives are more than the amount of Komen’s grant, we know it’s not about the money.

Now we see radicals like Katrina vanden Heuvel using the fracas over HHS mandates and religious liberty to further rehabilitate Planned Parenthood’s bruised image by deliberately conflating abortion and contraception and making themselves the champions of access to contraception, not abortion.

For decades, Planned Parenthood has trafficked in euphamisms.  First it was “choice” and “freedom,” then “women’s health.”  They successfully co-opted the Komen Foundation in hopes that getting into the breast exam business might distract from the true nature of their grisly industry.  Now they want to hide behind contraception and equate Planned Parenthood with American Apple pie.   Let’s hope America isn’t buying it.



  • Janet P

    Arrogance is NOT a Virtue…The opposite of “Tebowing” The “President of Abortion” and our “Abortion President”…

  • Tom

    Mark, if a man went to a brothel and the prostitute discovered a lump on his private parts, which led him to receive proper care and be saved from cancer, we’d all be happy the man didn’t die of cancer, but it wouldn’t make the brothel’s (or the prostitute’s) activities moral. The fact that some good may come out of the evil that PP does doesn’t make PP good when they do evil.

    • Mark


      Either you were speed reading or your comprehension is sub par. I did not say they were “good”. Please take a moment to read my initial comment. Essentially I said that they do some good things as well.

  • Tom

    Sadly, I think much of America is buying it, at least judging from the many discussions I’ve had with people over the last couple weeks. Somehow Planned Parenthood has become this bastion of “women’s health.” It’s so ludicrous. But this was part of Obama’s political calculus with the HHS mandate. He knows contraception is hugely popular with the general population so he created a social wedge issue for himself–the benevolent ruler doling out free contraceptives to all versus the backwards and oppressive Catholics, one of whom, by the way, is that increasingly popular candidate on the other side who doesn’t use contraception. Planned Parenthood isn’t just following Obama’s script–it’s helped him write it. They’ve been in bed together so long he’s caught every one of their diseases.

    • mominvermont

      Yes, President Obama preaches the gospel of Planned Parenthood. He believes in their creed and wants to impose it on the rest of us.

  • Mark

    My cousin felt a lump in her breast. At the time she did not have medical insurance so she couldn’t afford to see a doctor for any tests. At a friends recommendation she went to planned parenthood, had a mamagram, which showed a cancerous tumor. They arranged treatment and ultimately surgery for a nominal fee. Because of them she is alive today.

    As a Catholic I share a lot of the feelings that many on this website have, but because of this I have to admit that they do some good things as well.

    At the very least, I can understand why the Komen foundation contributes to them.

    • Joe Wilson

      You lie!

    • Mary

      hmm…since no planned parenthoods actually give mammograms, I merely am curious how this was done. As a physician who cares for women and who works in several clinics, I see women all the time for free or at discounted rates and we get free mammograms for women all the time. PP is hardly the only place to do this.
      The Komen Foundation wanted to withdraw funds from PP because PP does NOT do the mammograms it gets paid for–it sends people out. A clinical breast exams (ie, just doing an exam and not an actual mammogram) is not a good screening tool–in fact, the USPSTF (US Preventive Services Task Force) does not reccommend them at all. Mammograms are the accepted screening, and they are not provided by any PP organization.
      I have said it before and I say it again, we physicians on the front lines who actually see the indigent women (and there are many, many of us) provide this care in cities, towns, and rural areas. It is discouraging to be forever discounted by those who invoke PP as the only place women can go for healthcare. Besides, we take care of EVERYTHING, not just the parts covered by a bathing suit!!!

    • Steve

      That’s like saying that you would recommend that someone take his sick dog to a butcher’s shop instead of a veterinarian. Something as intrinsically evil as Planned Parenthood should never be supported or promoted just because it does something “good” once in a while. We must look at the whole picture. PP’s goal is to kill as many children in the world as it can, especially minority children. PP must be stopped.

      I am glad that your cousin’s cancer was detected. However, I doubt that PP did your cousin’s mamagram. She was probably referred to another facility for the procedure. As Lila Rose has shown, PP doesn’t do mamagrams; PP just wants us to believe it does.



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