Planned Parenthood: Record Number of Abortions, Record Profits

Amazing how those two go hand in hand, isn’t it?

A group called Life Decisions International has issued a report with some  Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) bottom line figures from the 2011-2012 fiscal year.  Some of the more staggering numbers:

1. Total abortions performed by PPFA: 333,964

2. Revenue from abortions: Estimated $150,000,000

3. Total PPFA revenue: $1,200,000,000

4. Federal funding for PPFA: $542,400,000

5. Percent of PPFA budget provided by taxpayers: 45.2%

Bad economy?  What bad economy?



  • David Hart

    My apologies. Planned Parenthood has, indeed, released their 2011-2012 annual report. I have not had time to drill down on the numbers. However, as a percentage of procedures, abortions were 3%.

    I am so accustomed to getting my information from 990 filings that I overlooked the possibility that organizations provide other data for public consumption. I was wrong.

    • Justin Jurek

      Even if it was 1%, Planned Parenthood would still be a vile, blood-soaked organization. Making so much as a DIME off of the murder of innocent unborn children is a sin against Almighty God, and you’re on a slippery road for supporting and apologizing for them.

  • abadilla

    “Catholic Charities is not a religious institution.” If Catholic Charities is not a religious institution, I don’t know anymore what a religious institution is.
    John, did you hear tonight when O’Reilly interviewed a representative of Planned Parenthood and he told her Planned Parenthood is responsible for most abortions in this country and she denied it. Then O’Reilly said something to the effect that if Planned Parenthood was not responsible for the majority of abortions, she would not mind an audit to find out how the organization manages its money. The lady replied that would be offensive and unnecessary because it would cost too much money, as if liberals in this country give a hoot about spending money, especially the money that doesn’t belong to them.

    • Philip D.

      Catholic “Charities” is not a religious institution. It is a business that gets most of its funding from the government.

      • abadilla

        If you care to do so, see my answer to David.

    • David Hart

      I gather that you are responding to my comment. CC is NOT a religious institution as that designation is defined by the IRS. Churches and synagogues have an exemption to the rule that requires non-profit organizations to make their tax returns public.

      By the way, were one to aggregate all of the Catholic Charities their revenues would be in the tens of billions of dollars.

      • abadilla

        Hi David, As defined by the IRS it may not be a “Catholic” institution, as defined by the Church since it carries the name “Catholic,” it is a Catholic institution.

        “By the way, were one to aggregate all of the Catholic Charities their revenues would be in the tens of billions of dollars.”
        I agree and that’s precisely why I admire them because if that is true, having billions of dollars, they can help lots of folks and that’s what Catholic social teaching calls us to do.

  • David Hart

    Utter nonsense. Where is your intellectual curiosity? I notice that there is no link to the methodology. No explanation how the numbers were compiled. For the most recent tax year for which a return is available (the year ended June 30, 2011), PPFA had revenues of $185 million. They are citing 2011-2012 numbers that aren’t even compiled. There are 331 PP chapters. If they aggregated all of those the gross would probably be considerably higher. There is no way to determine the amount of federal funding nor the amount of revenues from abortions. However, the estimate in the article is about 20 times the amount that PP consistently asserts (about 2% of total).

    Planned Parenthood is in the women’s health business. A tiny fraction of their work is abortions. It would not surprise me if they received considerable funds from Medicaid. However, not ONE dime of government funds go towards abortions.

    Now if only each archdiocese would make public their tax returns as a 501(c)3 like PP. However, Catholic Charities is not a religious institution and their 990 is available. Chicago, alone, does a quarter-billion dollars/year with a substantial part coming from gov. By the way, Catholic Charities, Chicago, is sitting on $123 million in assets. So what’s your point?

    • Marvin Derks



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