Please Consider Signing This Petition: Georgetown

Professor Patrick Deneen, founder of the Tocqueville Forum, Professor of Government at Georgetown, transitioning this summer to the U. of Notre Dame, has requested that we find as many Americans as possible to sign this petition.

Sponsored by The Becket Fund, it calls for the president of Georgetown to rescind his–to put it mildly–controversial invitation to Secretary Sebelius to be the 2012 Commencement speaker.

I agree with Deneen completely, and I hope all CatholicVote readers will sign this and pass it on to their friends.  Thanks, Brad.

Here’s the Becket Fund petition.

And CatholicVote has a petition as well here.

As well, the Cardinal Newman Society has a petition.



  • russell

    So, we’ve heard from everyone else… what do the students think, it is, after all, their graduation?

  • James

    Their site seems to be down. Hopefully this is from the flood of supporters and not sabotage.

    Here is the web-cache of their site, but I couldn’t get the petition page:

  • Lawrence

    Becket Fund Petition URL is wrong. Remove the minus signs.

  • Tim

    Did Cardinal Wuerl sign this petition? Wait, he wouldn’t need to, since he has the power to do something about this as it is. Why is it that the laity is fighting to hard against this scandal when it seems the bishops don’t desire to take any action of their own?



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