Poll Shows Support for Waiting Periods Reaches An All Time High

Articles-on-abortionRasmussen recently conducted a nationwide survey on attitudes toward abortion. It found that 43 percent of Americans identify as “pro-life.” While this may seem somewhat low, Rasmussen polls consistently report lower pro-life sentiment than Gallup polls. Additionally, the poll found that public support for a waiting period before an abortion reached its highest level in over two years. Overall, a clear plurality of Americans – 49 percent – support waiting periods. To its credit, Rasmussen always asks about waiting periods when it conducts surveys on abortion. Most other polling firms, including Gallup, only rarely ask about incremental pro-life laws.

As such, this poll adds to a broad body of survey data which shows that incremental pro-life laws enjoy broad public support. It also adds body of research which shows that there is no significant gender gap when it comes to attitudes regarding abortion. Women are more slightly more likely to describe themselves as “pro-choice” However, the attitudes of men and women toward the morality of abortion are nearly identical. Additionally, the ratio of women who say it is “too easy” rather than “too hard” to get an abortion is nearly 2 to 1. Furthermore, a clear plurality of women support waiting periods before an abortion. As such, when analyzing the gender gap, political analysts, would do well to consider other factors besides abortion.



  • morganB

    A waiting period I can accept, but a forced ultrasound, as in Texas, is over the top. How can a pregnant woman possibly be empowered in that state?

  • Michael

    The terms “Pro-Life” and “Pro-Choice” have become meaningless.
    I have family members and friends who call themselves “Pro-Life” who believe that there are certain situations and certain stages of pregnancy in which abortion should be legal. I have family members and friends who call themselves “Pro-Choice” who believe that there are certain situations and certain stages of pregnancy in which abortion should be illegal. The best “poll question” on this issue will always be: “Who do you believe should decide whether or not a woman may have an abortion? Politicians? Judges? The Clergy? Voters? Or The Woman Herself?”

    • Eric Johnson

      Michael, excellent analogy. Clear and simple and based in reality. Thanks.

    • wheaton4prez

      I don’t see how that question is more helpful. Many people (unfortunately) fall into the category of “who decides depends on the circumstances.”

      The more pertinent question is:

      Under what circumstances should anyone be allowed to decide that another human beings life can be taken?

  • morganB

    I still am confused with these labels. What defines “pro-life” and “pro-choice”?

    • Heather

      Morgan, pro-life is a belief that abortion is wrong. Pro-choice means to believe a woman has a right to choose to have the baby or to kill it. Simply put..

      • morganB

        Heather, I nearly got into a fight on the sixth tee of our golf course when my competitor, an evangelist, reborn goon spouted off on abortion arguing that the fetus is primary and the mother can be left to die even with an ectopic pregnancy that could kill her.

        If the PL folks align with that demented thinking they need to change their label to “pro-fetus”.

    • Eric Johnson

      Pro-choice advocates believe that women have the right to determine when to bring a child into the world. Pro-life advocates believe that women do not have this right.

      • wheaton4prez

        Eric Johnson. That is obvious nonsense.

        Everyone knows that pro-life advocates are concerned about the life of unborn human beings.

        If pro-life advocates were against the right of women to choose when to bring a child into the world as you claim they would be pushing for policies that make having sex illegal. Obviously, that has never been the case.



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