Poll: The New Translation of the Mass

The translations they are a-changing!

Louie Verrechio is publishing a multi-part series of articles explaining the new translation of the Roman Missal into English over at the Catholic News Agency.

I’m curious to find out – right now, based on what you know – what do you think about the new translation?

I’d like to get as wide a sampling as possible – so please share this poll with your friends!



  • Matthew Plese – President of CatechismCLass.com

    I am the President and CEO of CatechismClass.com, and I would like to point out that CatechismClass.com has recently unveiled a new lesson on our website to help explain the New Translation of the Roman Missal. We have developed a 40-page document outlining the changes in the Liturgy from the perspective of the priest as well as the congregation. The text goes through the changes in the Liturgy over the past 2,000 years to best explain the reasons for the changes in this New Translation.

    Chapter 1: The Source and Summit of the Christian Life
    Chapter 2: A Brief History of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
    Chapter 3: The Need for a New Translation of the Roman Missal
    Chapter 4: What We Will Say (Changes for the Participants)
    Chapter 5: What We Will Hear (Changes for the Celebrant)

    This report is intended for the average Catholic to read and is a great tool for pastors to purchase and share with their congregations, CCD classes, RCIA students, etc, etc.

    Here is a link for more information on the resource:




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