Poll: The New Translation of the Mass

The translations they are a-changing!

Louie Verrechio is publishing a multi-part series of articles explaining the new translation of the Roman Missal into English over at the Catholic News Agency.

I’m curious to find out – right now, based on what you know – what do you think about the new translation?

I’d like to get as wide a sampling as possible – so please share this poll with your friends!



  • Anne Marie

    Bring it!

  • dancingcrane

    I prefer both the Byzantine Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, and the Antiochene Liturgy of the Maronites to even the Tridentine Mass. As a ‘new’ convert (1980) from Anglicanism, I am also interested in seeing what form worship will take in the new Ordinariate.

    I have always wondered why, if people wanted English so much, they didn’t just move to the English side of the Tridentine Missal. That would have kept all the theological richness, and possibly put the brakes on the modern erosion of faith we now suffer. Given, of course, that it was reverently done; mumbled, rushed and sloppy liturgies of any kind are harmful to the faith.

    ‘Cautiously optimistic’ was the closest option to my own opinion. The new translation is, or will be, if done well, better than what we have now.

  • JAW

    I am actually ecstatic and eagerly awaiting implementation, but I voted “cautiously optimistic” because I worry about dissention in the Church, and the lukewarm and poorly catechised. I’m afraid they will cause a big “ruckus” in the Church, and disseminate false information. I pray it will be implemented and explained in a way that it will be warmly received by Catholics.

  • Brian G.

    It’ll take some getting used to, but I’m glad they took their time (approx. 8 years) in fine-tuning these translations. If it was anyone but JP II and B XVI overseeing the process, I would be deeply skeptical. This may go down as the most far-reaching and lasting part of Benedict’s legacy. As for the new words, both the congregation’s parts and the Priest’s, I like them an am glad they have made them more faithful to the Latin. I’m looking forward to Advent 2011!

  • Paul Sadek

    I’m optimistic and enthusiastic. I’m hopeful that the implementation will–at least for a period–curb the “fiddling around” with the liturgy. The Roman Missal, for example, does not give the option of “substitute anything that trips your trigger” for the second and successive repetitions of “Lamb of God.” I’ve never understood why the music publishers got away with telling people that this was acceptable.

  • +DR

    How about another response option:

    “It matters little to me because I’ve given up on the Novus Ordo Mass and exlusively attend the Extraordinary (Traditional Latin) Form.”

    God bless,



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