Pope Francis’ Adoption Position Shared by Many Homosexuals

That didn’t take long. It’s already time to defend the new Pope.

Much is already being made about Pope Francis’ opposition to gay adoption when it was at issue in Argentina in 2010.

This humble man who cooks his own food and takes public transportation puts a lie to the smear that equates all pro-family positions with hatred. Reports John Allen Jr., “He has shown deep compassion for the victims of HIV-AIDS; in 2001, he visited a hospice to kiss and wash the feet of 12 AIDS patients.”

If you hear someone accuse Pope Francis of hating homosexuals, remind them: He’s not the only one who has questioned gay adoption. Many homosexual men and women do, too.

Francis adoption

Business Insider’s story.

At the huge marriage protests in France,  many voices in the gay community rallied on the side of children, and against gay adoption.

Said one gay man, Jean-Pier:

“For me, the question behind this, the fundamental issue, is the child. Among the responses I’ve heard, I’ve had this business of freedom and equality. Then I pose this question: What of the freedom and equality of the child? The child won’t have its equality vis-a-vis its friends in school. Its peers may have divorced and blended families, but they have, at least, a father and mother.”

He even applied this to his life:

“Twenty five years ago — remember, I’m 49 — I truly wondered about having a child. Like everyone else, I wanted to have a child; it was a question of transmitting my heritage. But then I realized very quickly that if I were going to have a child that way, it would be for the wrong reasons.”

I also recall interviewing homosexual activist John McKellar in 2002. At the time I interviewed him, he was president of Homosexuals Opposed to Pride Extremism (HOPE).

“Sure, we all have baby envy, and lots of us would like to raise kids,” he said. “But we can’t have everything we want in life, and it’s selfish and rude to redefine society’s traditions and conventions simply for our self-indulgence.”

He told me the movement wasn’t about white picket fences.

“Our lifestyle is very much about party, pageant, parade, and promiscuity,” he said. “We want to have our cake and eat it, too. There was an article in the gay press last year titled, ‘How to Stay Married and Still Be a Slut.’“

The New York Times in 2010 said that this characterization of the homosexual lifestyle was an “open secret” — half of San Francisco’s gay marriages became “open” relationships within a year.

The children of homosexuals have added their voices to the chorus questioning gay adoption.

Dawn Stefanowicz shares her experiences growing up in such a household. This National Catholic Register article links others that give resources for adult children of homosexual couples and requests that children’s voices be heard.

So Pope Francis isn’t nuts to oppose homosexual adoption. Many homosexuals — and their kids — share his opinion.


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  • Phil

    This article came up when I googled “catholic adoption whites only.” I’m researching how Catholic leaders’ positions on abortion and birth-control may be related to Church-sponsored adoption agencies, and the role of race in Catholic adoptions. The discussion here makes me wonder if connections might also exist involving adoptive parents’ sexuality. Thanks for your thoughts.


    Dear Tom, As momentus as this event is for the world I’m surprised that your first take was to quote a couple of guys on the extreme fringes of the gay community. Really, both we an Pope Francis have bigger things to focus on. Incidentally here’s a piece I wrote about an experience which influenced my thinking on adoptions in response to the Russian government’s recent action.

    ““In 1998, I flew back from Moscow on a plane full of Adoptive parents and new children. Behind us was Evangelical couple who told us that they had planned to adopt one child, but that he told had them he had four siblings whom he wanted to stay with. After a lot of prayers, they went through the whole rigmarole and were on their way back with all to home in rural Georgia with all five..
    At one point, the mom was showed me a tape box and asked “Sir, do y’all read Russian? What book of the Bible is this” “I answered “Sort of” and made out that it was the Book of Daniel. Later, she came up with the eight year old and asked my colleague, who speaks the language fluently, “Ma’am, my daughter has to go to the bathroom, but she’s never been on an airplane before and she’s scared of it. Could you show her how it works?” Pnina, smiled, at little girl and took her.
    When she got back, she asked “Greg, she didn’t know her `sisters’ name. These kids aren’t related. What’s going on?” To which I smiled and said “It’s a conspiracy between the kids, the orphanage staff and the Holy Spirit. Things will be just fine.”
    A few hours later I stretched my legs and met a gay couple from upstate NY with a 20 month old boy. “This is Nikita, soon to be known ‘Nick’ in our neighborhood.” One said. The child had strange wild eyes and a weird look. One of the dads then said “The little guy’s had a rough time in life. We’ve got him set up with a program for special needs children at the Cornell Med School.” My best guess is that he had fetal alcohol syndrome and they adopted him knowing it.
    Whatever the political grievances, real or imagined, the Russian Federation has with our country, to use children and saintly adults as pawns is unconscionable.”

    God bless both these sets of parents and God Bless Pope Francis I _ Pax tecum, Greg

    • Joe M

      Greg Smith. As Tom points out in the article, others are bringing this issue up in their “first take” descriptions.

      Do you think your airplane story is likely to change Pope Francis I’s position on adopting children to gay couples?

      • Tom Hoopes

        Thanks, Joe. Yes … if they attack the Pope on Day 1, Catholics should defend him on Day 1. I’m glad that most of our reaction wasn’t defensive, though. :-)

        • Rich Ketter

          Tom – using others to promote your hatred is not what the Church is about.
          It is not the Benedictine way, and not the Franciscan way. It is not any honor to the Holy Father.
          While these are academic excersises for you, there are real life issues for others. That may be the lesson that you will learn from the new pope, if your really want to be a part of the whole church, and not just some dark corners where you don’t have to be challenged.
          Your fist article is very revealling, but your attempt to pretend that you are different that you present in your writing is also telling.

        • GREG SMITH

          Joe, Tom ~ My point is simply that on day one why are we focusing on gay adoption of all things. No, I don’t think the Pope is going to change his mind on anything I say or write about anything. The story was just about an experience I had that influences my thinking on the issue.

          Lets all be loyal to the pope even if we disagree with him. Conservative Catholics are going to be upset if he deprioritizes “liturgcal reform” and/or tells the SSPX that there will be no more “negotiation” and to either come back to the Chrch or go off and be another protestant denomination.
          Pax vobiscum. Greg

      • Rich Ketter

        Yes Joe, this is the kind of story that turns harden hearts away from their hatred and opens them to God’s Love.
        Is would be easy to think that Francis has yet to meet a Gay couple with Children, even though he has been very well formed by his people who have experienced other oppressions. Do not think of him as a closed minded person just because he has the same opinion as you. He is after all a Jesuit, discernement is in the blood, and the heart.
        If you are not moved by the story, then there is a problem. You want to keep the issue alive without understanding what it means. What did you think that gay adoption was about but a pure and total love that reflects God’s love. You may want to limit God, and to think that the Holy Spirit is inactive in the hearts and minds of Popes. Even Benedict showed some movement when he accepted the penance of the Holy See. But folks like you wore him down, when you didn’t let him become a loving man. He and Georg are happier now.



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