Pope Francis Auctions Off His Harley-Davidson



If someone told me a year ago that this would be a real headline…

Don’t get me wrong – when it comes to the Pope Francis Catholic Reaction-o-Meter, I’ll have you know that my results place me squarely in the “happy humbled mildly confused pleasantly surprised inspired challenged” group of Catholics.  Yes, it’s a big group.

Anyway, the Harley.

Back in June, Pope Francis was given a 1,585 cc Harley-Davidson Super Glide as a gift by the famous motorcycle company.

He signed his name, “Francesco,” on the gas tank.  Nobody knows if he ever rode it.


pope harley


But now, he’s selling it.  Story here.  The holy chopper will be auctioned off on February 6.  The proceeds will go to the Society of St. Pius X.

Okay, not funny.  No, the money will go to the poor.  It will be used to renovate a soup kitchen in Rome.

By the way, this is a great little story.  Pope sells Harley, gives money to the poor – fantastic.  But I fully expect one day to open the paper and see “Pope Francis sells Vatican, gives money to the poor.”

No, not kidding.

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