Pope Francis Auctions Off His Harley-Davidson


If someone told me a year ago that this would be a real headline…

Don’t get me wrong – when it comes to the Pope Francis Catholic Reaction-o-Meter, I’ll have you know that my results place me squarely in the “happy humbled mildly confused pleasantly surprised inspired challenged” group of Catholics.  Yes, it’s a big group.

Anyway, the Harley.

Back in June, Pope Francis was given a 1,585 cc Harley-Davidson Super Glide as a gift by the famous motorcycle company.

He signed his name, “Francesco,” on the gas tank.  Nobody knows if he ever rode it.


pope harley


But now, he’s selling it.  Story here.  The holy chopper will be auctioned off on February 6.  The proceeds will go to the Society of St. Pius X.

Okay, not funny.  No, the money will go to the poor.  It will be used to renovate a soup kitchen in Rome.

By the way, this is a great little story.  Pope sells Harley, gives money to the poor – fantastic.  But I fully expect one day to open the paper and see “Pope Francis sells Vatican, gives money to the poor.”

No, not kidding.


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  • Del Agda

    I prefer to see those Vatican “treasures” where they are now rather than go to private hands where ordinary people like me will have little chance or none at all to look at them.

  • AC

    On selling the Vatican, it yearly has millions of visitors. If you take the tour for the Sistine Chapel, you pay a fee to go on it. Very pretty. Now if the Church sold it off, then it would likely end up in private hands and rarely seen by the public, and certianly not open to the people to see. Or worse some group opposed to the church could buy the artwork and destroy it.

  • patti roth

    OMG I wonder how much the papal Harley will go for. I know I am a poor person, I live in a log cabin in the woods in the land of oz it and I have one great shop/garage, too. WoW! Thanks for sharing Amen to this!

  • Laurie O’Hara

    ^^^^Our Papa, as head of The Universal Catholic Church, is allowed to do whatever he sees fit to do with any of “our” Earthly possessions. I for one, would love to see a Vatican RUMMAGE sale. Blessings ♥

  • davepinoy

    Where did the writer, that any Pope can sell any church asset?…Are you crazy, vatican is owned by the church not of any pope…

    • Laurie O’Hara

      The Church is US. It is not an inanimate “thing”. And our Earthly leader and decision maker is Papa Francis. May he continue to be guided by the Holy Spirit to the Holy Will of our loving God, through the mercy of Jesus.
      Blessings ♥
      PS – Dave, you are not the first person who asked if I was crazy, nor will you be the last. I usually respond to the askers: “what’s crazy?” Have a good one.

  • http://exede John Riegel

    A previous comment regarding the Pope “giving away” the Vatican assumes that it is all his property. These artifacts, whether valuable or not, are not his personal property. Many of them “belong” to the Universal Church. Many are part of the Vatican State. The Catholic Church is a very charitable institution, and donates heavily, but without fanfare. Would anyone seriously consider “giving away” New York”, or the Mormon Tabernacle, for example?

    • James

      I for one am not one of those people who advocate the selling of the Vatican because it is a treasure for the faithful to cherish, there needs to be a place for the pope to live, and its beauty and splendor are a testament in honor and praise for our Lord, and the Church is not lacking in Charity. But for the record, the pope, as the earthly head of the Church and its caretaker is well within within his rights to sell any church property for any reason if he so wished.



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