Pope Michael: Weird Things Happen When You Split from the Church

I came across this guy a few years ago.  He lives in Delia, Kansas (no idea where that is – sorry Kansans). Apparently, he decided that all the popes after Venerable Pius XII were in fact heretics.  Note to self: bad idea to stand in judgement of the Holy Catholic Church. So, he and 5 other people held a conclave and he was elected “pope.”

Anyway, I recently found that a young film major from Notre Dame had discovered David Bawden (Pope Michael) and set about making a documentary on this man and his bizarre story.

Now maybe I’m just mean, but I find this quirky trailer fascinating and, in a strange way, humorous.  It’s sort of Napoleon Dynamite meets schismatic Catholic.


There’s also a longer version available here.



24 thoughts on “Pope Michael: Weird Things Happen When You Split from the Church

  1. Paul says:

    At the time (1990) and since, David Bawden was “elected” Pope Michael, there were several Pope Pius XIIIs and at least one Pope Gregory XVII. It seems they all were “elected” under very similar circumstances at their respective times of election.

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