Pope Michael: Weird Things Happen When You Split from the Church

I came across this guy a few years ago.  He lives in Delia, Kansas (no idea where that is – sorry Kansans). Apparently, he decided that all the popes after Venerable Pius XII were in fact heretics.  Note to self: bad idea to stand in judgement of the Holy Catholic Church. So, he and 5 other people held a conclave and he was elected “pope.”

Anyway, I recently found that a young film major from Notre Dame had discovered David Bawden (Pope Michael) and set about making a documentary on this man and his bizarre story.

Now maybe I’m just mean, but I find this quirky trailer fascinating and, in a strange way, humorous.  It’s sort of Napoleon Dynamite meets schismatic Catholic.


There’s also a longer version available here.



  • Richard Collins

    Sadly, there are several “popes” dotted around the world. One in Paris even has a seminary in the USA which has drawn several good but misguided young men into a fruitless occupation, that of a Protestant priest.

  • MG w

    I liked the music. I like the characters too, they seem so innocent and sincere.

    sheeesh!…..It’s just a movie…. Isn’t it?

    Hmmmm…. People are funny sometimes….

    And God does work in mysterious ways…….
    Yes, God works in mysterious ways

  • Geo

    This would be really funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

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  • Phil

    This must be Pope Michael’s website.


  • Nick

    Whoever wrote the Wikipedia article for Anti-Pope Michael is pretty good at self-justification and very bad at theology and canon law. To sum up: Michael isn’t a priest because the Pope isn’t a priest. It’s quite laughable.

    Having said that, I would like to correct CatholicVote on its Action Alert: It is immoral to put up an Action Alert pop-up and ask people to sign it without telling them what they’re signing for. That’s called deception.



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