Pope Michael: Weird Things Happen When You Split from the Church

I came across this guy a few years ago.  He lives in Delia, Kansas (no idea where that is – sorry Kansans). Apparently, he decided that all the popes after Venerable Pius XII were in fact heretics.  Note to self: bad idea to stand in judgement of the Holy Catholic Church. So, he and 5 other people held a conclave and he was elected “pope.”

Anyway, I recently found that a young film major from Notre Dame had discovered David Bawden (Pope Michael) and set about making a documentary on this man and his bizarre story.

Now maybe I’m just mean, but I find this quirky trailer fascinating and, in a strange way, humorous.  It’s sort of Napoleon Dynamite meets schismatic Catholic.


There’s also a longer version available here.



  • Glorianne

    It is unfair that you crticise this man. I watched the two vids and he makes strong arguments. Pity I do not know how to contact him.

  • Linus

    I notice that he is located near St. Mary’s, Kansas. The Jesuits had a seminary or something there about 30 years ago. Then they sold it or part of it the the Lefeverites and I think this has degenerated to the present situation. I knew a pro-life catholic, very active, who sold her home and moved to St. Mary’s to join the Lefeverites.

  • Lynn

    Watching this short video made me feel kinda sick. I think that this man, his mom (or Grandma..not sure which she is…in her moo moo, no less) and new recruits have a mental disorder of some kind…seriously. It would be interesting to see some IQ numbers on these folks.

  • Howard

    Pope Michael is outmatched by the sedevacantist Brother Michael Dimond at http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com.

  • Philippus

    Certainly not humorous, but a heartbreaking insight into the life of someone who has been tricked…and is taking others with him.

  • Chamber

    This is essentially what happens when someone leaves the Catholic Church. They now become their own pope. This is also a good figurative example of what occurs when people split away from their particular protestant denomination. And it goes on and on forever until they are cast out into the fire.

    • Brandy Miller

      Yup. Exactly. The minute you “made yourself Pope” you’ve just become protestant. Surprise!



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