POWER SHIFT: Transcending the planet as a species, leaving all sense behind.

Progressives in Gas Masks at Power Shift

C'mon, the smog in DC isn't *that* bad!

[Update: If you agree with the people at Power Shift or are one of them, I encourage you to watch this video also, before you comment.]

I’m not pointing and laughing at these people. Really, I’m not. The temptation is there, sure, but I’m not.

I’m also not sharing this out of uncharity. If I were pointing and laughing at them then sharing it here would be uncharitable. So I’m not being uncharitable.

I’m sharing it because Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, former Obama green jobs czar and current Hugo Chavez admirer Van Jones, and Al Gore are all tied to this gathering pretty significantly. Power Shift is, in their own words, the crowd they are counting on to lead the future.

Just watch.

Seriously. Some highlights from the video:

• Van Jones says the “children of every species” are counting on this crowd.

• One attendee asks, “Do we ever think about us as a species, and transcending the planet?…To be able to leave the planet and to see the planet reproduce another species like ourselves that has the ability to reach a higher awareness and a higher level of  life?”

• They call for complete revolution: social, economic, political, and cultural.

• One of the major issues in the climate change issue is “our addiction to economic growth” (you know: the flourishing of human ingenuity and talent, rightly ordered to the mutual benefit of all involved in the free exchange of private property).

• Home gardens and urban gardening initiatives followed by canning tomatoes will solve the food problem and prevent having to ship food across the country.

• While specifically eschewing the “socialist” moniker, one attendee calls for “highly localized economies based on solidarity.”

• And Nancy Pelosi (Catholyc D-California) greeted them, thanked them, and looks forward to seeing them again on Capitol Hill.

• There was also the group of girls who dropped their pants to display their matching underoos (not unsafe for work, just silly).

• Oh, and the guy who, while milling about a group that eschews money, hates capitalism, and wants to push for a more “green” economy (the sort that all sane people know will absolutely murder job creation), carries a briefcase asking “Where are the jobs?”

All in all, a stellar compendium of jaw-dropping moments from people who want a society, polity, economy, and man-made religion based on planet worship and some gauzy concept of human solidarity based in nothing but nature. Hobbes said something about that sort of life, and it wasn’t pleasant.

To think it all happened at one rally in Washington, D.C., just a few days ago.

Even if they mean well, having such a poor grasp of human nature and the true nature of what Really Matters in human relations doesn’t happen accidentally—-it has to be learned, or one has to have a significant amount of self-delusion. If nothing else, a cursory study of the history of the 20th century ought to disabuse anyone of such notions.

Alas: those who study history are doomed to be surrounded by those who don’t, who will then attempt to repeat it.



  • Rebekah

    +JMJ+ I’m going to have to agree with Tom here. Some people take this global warming, “save the earth” thing too far. I agree that we should be good stewards, and not be too reckless, but seriously, I’m not going to go Amish to “defend” the earth. Global warming accomplishes: 1) Population Control 2) Global Governmental Cooperation 3) Earth Worship instead of God Worship. These three groups do not necessarily have anything to do with each other, but the global warming scare fits nicely into each of these to advance their own agendas. Global Warming is a Governmental power grab via population reduction. Pseudoscience and Hyper-sensationalism are being used to promote the global warming agenda, just as they were in the early 20th century eugenics movement. Population Control, is in the end, legal abortions, euthanasia, etc. the things we as Catholics are against, and have been fighting for years. For an in depth look into the global warming scare, and the hidden agenda behind it, this link is definately worth it… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMFAhW_ZmV8

  • Jackson

    In response to the caption:

    Yes, the air in DC is pretty bad; it gave my dad fatal cancer, a non-smoker and healthy man all his life. He was a good Christian, the son and brother of ministers, and raised me accordingly. I was at Power Shift this year and in 2009 and I agree with the things they say, while still trying to be the best Christian, and person, I can be. My father raised me to be aware of the struggles of others, and to be a steward of this earth in my lifetime, and from reading the bible it is clear to me that that is what God wants from us. The oil may be there but it doesn’t mean we have to use it, because it costs the lives of many people and animals and plants everywhere to extract it. We should find solutions that work in harmony with the sun and wind, which never run out and have incredible power behind them. If we develop these technologies they will be even cheaper than coal and oil, and won’t cost the lives of fellow Americans. Let’s do what makes sense, and be stewards of this planet, for ourselves and for God.

    • http://twitter.com/tomcrowe Tom Crowe

      Jackson: I’m sorry for your loss, but one person’s untimely death does not a smog epidemic make. And my caption was tongue-in-cheek: the air in DC isn’t *great,* but you don’t need a gas mask to survive. I shouldn’t have had to explain that. So you agree that we need to “transcend the planet,” leave the planet, so we can look back and see what other species it reproduces? And you’re not aware of the incredibly safe ways oil is extracted nowadays with almost no impact to the environment? (Before you go off on the Gulf spill, track down the discussion I’ve had with Mike on that issue in these comments–I’ll not rehash that topic with you here.) What about places like the north slop of Alaska where neither fish nor plant nor caribou dwell and no vacation ships go by because it’s all mud? Why can’t we drill there? Solar and wind simply cannot produce enough electricity for the cost they would exact—do you realize how many birds are killed by turbines every year already? And if you put up enough turbines and solar panel farms to replace oil and coal entirely they’ll become so widespread that you really won’t be able to live anywhere without being in their shadow. Plus the impact of thousands of wind turbines on the prevailing winds and migratory birds and how many trees would have to be cut down to put them up… that’s a nightmare. So let’s continue developing new and safer ways to extract oil so that we don’t have to plaster the land with solar panels and fill the air with turbines. Let’s do it for the birds and the trees that would be affected by turbines, and let’s do it for the plants and crawly things that would rather not have a solar panel take up all the the sun they had come to rely upon. Cheers!



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