PPOTD: Call for Captions!

This photo taken by Paul Haring of CNS is just begging for funny captions:

Pope leads general audience in St. Peter's Square at Vatican

You know the drill — submit your funny caption in the comments below and then rate the captions left by other papists!

Today is also the six month anniversary of my accident. You can read about my exciting rehab progress and I invite you to join me in prayer tonight. Thank you!



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51 thoughts on “PPOTD: Call for Captions!

  1. MaryS says:

    They misquoted me AGAIN?

  2. Jamey Brown says:

    “One of the nuns just had a baby?”

  3. Karl Kuhlken says:

    Pope Francis to appear in Home Alone 3 – Vacant Vatican

    See what happens when all of the Clergy secretly go out of town on a fishing trip without telling the boss!

  4. Del Agda says:

    Nooo! Messi lost to Ronaldo?

  5. Jamey Brown says:

    “Gay Advocate Person of the Year? Esquire Magazine’s Best Dressed Man of the Year? Is there some other guy using the name Pope Francis?”

  6. Jamey Brown says:

    “The only other world leader speaking up for Christianity is Vladimir Putin?”

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