Prayer for Putting Christmas Decorations Away

For many Catholics, today (or next week, the Baptism of the Lord, or Candlemas Feb. 2) is the day to take down Christmas decorations. Here’s a prayer to say to make it more meaningful:

“Lord Jesus, today we will put all of our Christmas decorations away. Soon, we will enter into Ordinary Time.

“Our house will look ordinary again, but Lord, you know and we know that our house has a secret. Deep inside it, all of our Christmas decorations are still here. The blessing of Christmas is always with us, kept in the deep, quiet places of the house.

“And Lord, our lives will become ordinary again, but you know that each of us has the grace of baptism. The grace you gave us is always with us, in the deep, quiet places of our soul.

“Help our house be a home with Christmas at its core, and help our souls be a place where Jesus always dwells. Help us live the grace of Christmas every day, only without all the trappings. Amen.”



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16 thoughts on “Prayer for Putting Christmas Decorations Away

  1. Katrina says:

    I love this prayer and its goal! Going back to the ordinary always seemed so dull; this puts a lovely spin on it – hidden treasure!
    Amy, i think the email address you are looking for is

  2. D. Fennema says:

    We have always celebrated the entire Christmas season in our family. We take down our decorations the weekend after Epiphany. But, we always keep one tiny, very special Nativity set out that I got on a pilgrimage to Bethlehem. It reminds us of our Lord’s birth all year round.

  3. Lindy Ill says:

    Linda: I love your comment as much as I love the prayer and the little article!

    May God bless you always and… Welcome Home!

  4. Amy says:

    This is a lovely prayer, and one I will use with my family as we put things away. But I think I should note that the Feast of the Presentation (Feb. 2) is Candlemas. I tried looking for an email for Tom, the author, but I didn’t see one.

  5. Geralyn Ellis says:

    Beautiful prayer.

  6. Linda Salsbury says:

    As a newly converted catholic, many of these traditions are unknown to me. Thank you for helping me learn and to be aware of why things are done a certain way. My Christmas decorations are still up! I will pray that wonderful prayer as I put them away for another year.

    1. Mary says:


    2. Val says:

      As a lifelong Catholic, I didn’t know there was this prayer, but it does help the sadness you feel about taking the decorations down.

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