Prayer for Putting Christmas Decorations Away

For many Catholics, today (or next week, the Baptism of the Lord, or Candlemas Feb. 2) is the day to take down Christmas decorations. Here’s a prayer to say to make it more meaningful:

“Lord Jesus, today we will put all of our Christmas decorations away. Soon, we will enter into Ordinary Time.

“Our house will look ordinary again, but Lord, you know and we know that our house has a secret. Deep inside it, all of our Christmas decorations are still here. The blessing of Christmas is always with us, kept in the deep, quiet places of the house.

“And Lord, our lives will become ordinary again, but you know that each of us has the grace of baptism. The grace you gave us is always with us, in the deep, quiet places of our soul.

“Help our house be a home with Christmas at its core, and help our souls be a place where Jesus always dwells. Help us live the grace of Christmas every day, only without all the trappings. Amen.”



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  • Eileen Hedrick

    We continue to keep our wreaths up & put Valentines in them to show God’s eternal love continues on and on as St Valentine showed us. The Hearts look beautiful on the wreaths.

  • Terri Dodge (Theresa)

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer. I took the last of our decorations down today and needed to feel our Lord’s presence. I thought that the opportunity to celebrate His love and sharing Him went too fast. But, ordinary time brings quietness and intimacy with Him. We use to celebrate a “little Christmas” upon the Epiphany. I think we’ll return to that tradition along with this prayer. Thank you again!

  • Ellen Langan

    I usually start taking the decorations down the day after Epiphany which is when I like to
    exchange gifts with my family
    …mmm I like the idea of
    the Candlemas tradition : )
    Lovely prayer, thanks.

  • Cindy

    This is a great prayer! I’ve read that Christmas should be celebrated through the Sunday after the epiphany, which this article mistakenly refers to as Candlemas, and if not all the decorations stay up, at least the nativity should be left. This Sunday will actually observe the baptism of Jesus different from Feb. 2nd.

    • Tom Hoopes

      Thanks! I clarified above … the three options I have heard from people: Epiphany, Baptism or Candlemas.

  • Kathryn

    I love this prayer. As a Craddle Catholic it surprises me how many beautiful traditions that I am not aware of. I will use this prayer as we take down our tree tomorrow. I will also teach it to my grandchildren. Thanks CV.



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