Prayers for the Special Ops casualties.

Navy SEAL tridentOne Navy Special Warfare source called it “the worst day in our history by a mile.” Twenty-two Navy SEALs, 8 other U.S. military personnel, and 7 Afghan commandos were killed when their chinook crashed in Afghanistan.

Dangerous things are done around the world by men and women dedicated to preserving and protecting our freedoms. Tragedies of this magnitude underscore that fact.

The special operations forces are heavily Catholic, especially the Navy SEALs, which really isn’t surprising if you think about it.

But regardless of their faith, prayers are needed for the dead and their families, including the surviving brothers-in-arms of the NSW community who are in shock and disbelief about this unprecedented loss of life.

Servant of God Father Vincent Capodanno, pray for them.



10 thoughts on “Prayers for the Special Ops casualties.

  1. Rose Mary says:

    It is possible to condemn the war while honoring those who died in the “line of duty”… Obedience is a VIRTUE.. and those in the Military who Obey Lawful Orders and die as a result can be considered as “laying down their lives for their country” Whether or not the war their country is involved in a Just War..or not..those who die for obeying orders are heroes. Those who make the decisions about waging war will have to be answerable to God and to history
    Remember the words of Bl.Pope John Paul II to then President Bush about entering into the war on Iraq..

  2. Chris Ryland says:

    I also seem to remember the current Pope urging the US to consider alternatives to invading Iraq. That seems like the best line from heaven we’ll get.

    1. Tom Crowe says:

      To consider alternatives? We did. Check.

  3. D an says:

    Tom, may I respectfully say to you to calm down just a little? I understand, I believe, what you are feeling just now. But try to remember: These men who were killed were doing wrong, morally and legally, by engaging in an unjust war against a people that have done us no harm. Ever. That is the reality. It is a reality we have to face. Yes, we can mourn the loss of lives, but what we should mourn equally is the terrible fact that they threw away their lives for worse than nothing.

    Address your sorrows to the monsters in Washington who began this evil, and address to them your anger aw well.

  4. GREG SMITH says:


  5. Chuck says:

    Can you give us a source for your comment that special ops units are “heavily Catholic”, can you explain why it “isn’t surprising”, and why it should make a difference? Do we only pray for the Catholic soldiers, or the ones that were likely Catholic?

  6. Chris Ryland says:

    Yes, prayers for our soldiers’ souls, but also prayers that our leaders come to their senses and get out of all of these literally God-damned wars of empire.

    1. Tom Crowe says:

      You can’t sheathe your sword for a moment, can you? Just mourn and pray for a moment without making a ridiculous political statement. Your trutherism does not mean these guys don’t deserve a moment of simple prayer without politics. Beyond that, I’m assuming you have a red phone with a direct line to heaven that even the Pope does not possess that gives you the authority to make such pronouncements?

      1. Chris Ryland says:

        No, but I can read the Constitution, and all three wars that we’re currently fighting are undeclared wars, funded by a cowardly Congress who failed to do their duty and stand up to adventuring presidents.

        Which only increases the pathos in the case of all the lost lives of soldiers sent to fight these wars, to say nothing of the hundreds of thousands of civilians killed or displaced.

        1. Tom Crowe says:

          Indeed they are. But the violation of the Constitution does not mean they are “literally God-damned,” as the laws of man on this regard are not the laws of God, and it doesn’t reduce the need for prayers.

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