Prayers for the victims at Virginia Tech

Update, 12:30am – CNS reports on the Catholic response to the tragedy.

To get an idea about how close this event is to many St. Blog’s members, Amy Welborn’s own son graduated from VT, and currently works on campus. Thanks be to God he is safe. So many others this night, however, are not, and we should continue praying for them, as well as their friends and family.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy On and Keep Them!

Update, 8:42pm – reading Drudge, there’s beginning to emerge the frightening probability that this was a premeditated attack. 33 people have been wounded and at least 29 more injured.

Original post – There has been a massacre at Virginia Tech, with at least 29 students dead from a shooting attack.

More here. AP News coverage here. Ongoing coverage at Drudge Report.

We should all offer up prayers for the victims.



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