President Obama Is Committed To An Extremist Agenda

Is President Obama running for re-election just to hold onto political power? That’s the belief of Mitt Romney, as expressed in a CBS interview on Wednesday morning. It’s alluring to think of the opposition candidate as having no other motive than to keep the trappings of office, and I can only say I wish I believed it too.

I think Obama wants more than power for its own sake. I believe this is a president absolutely committed to an extremist left-wing agenda. It starts with fundamental questions about when life begins and the nature of marriage, and also moves into areas like a top-down approach to social justice, where all that’s good must originate in Washington D.C..

Obama's agenda is that of wealthy left-wingers

It encompasses policy choices like choosing the agenda of financially secure environmentalists, who don’t want the Keystone Pipeline built, in spite of its prospects for job growth and ultimately lower fuel prices—something that would disproportionately benefit the working classes that the Left talks a great deal about, but does very little for.

And it extends into the question of religious freedom, where the Left feels the horror of a $9 co-pay on a birth control pill is such a repression of women’s rights that it’s necessary to use government bullying to coerce the Catholic Church to including as part of their insurance packages in their hospitals and other affiliated businesses.

There is a clear ideological agenda that permeates everything the president does and its hostile to those he himself called “bitter people clinging to guns and religion”, back in 2008. It’s friendly to the left-wingers of the suburbs who don’t have bread-and-butter concerns and have the luxury to seek ideological satisfaction above all else.

A vivid example of this came in early 2010. The voters of Massachusetts, hardly a bastion of right-wing activity, delivered the president a stinging rebuke when they elected Republican Scott Brown to fill the seat long held by Teddy Kennedy. Brown’s vow was to be the 41st vote against health care, the amount needed to keep a filibuster going.

At this moment, a president solely focused on keeping power would have cut his losses. An extremist would double down and that’s what Obama did, as legislative gimmicks enabled health care to pass without a supermajority. You can debate whether it was appropriate, you can debate the wisdom of the policy, but there’s no debating the instigator behind it all really believes in it.

If Obama only wanted the office for the sake of the trophy, there would be no reason to be concerned. The fact is that he wants to continue to serve as the instrument of the Wealthy Left in imposing its value system on everyone else, and no one should ever underestimate that.

Dan Flaherty is the author of Fulcrum, an Irish Catholic novel set in postwar Boston with a traditional Democratic mayoral campaign at its heart, and he is the editor-in-chief of



  • Me

    This is innapropriate. It’s innapropriate because (1) Dan cites nothing to back up his shaky claims,(2) he specializes in sports – not politics, which doesn’t make him an expert on anything political, and (3) he is associated with a website with lustful, “eye candy” advertisements in the margins (not consisten with Christian – espeically Catholic – ideals).

    Writing a blog doesn’t make you an expert, especially when you aren’t offering your readers credible sources for your “factual” material. Take this article with a grain of salt – because after all, it’s a BLOG POST.

  • MLsouth

    Fortunately the tide is turning. All those that waited in line for their yummy chick-fil-a will also be voting for the R&R ticket come November! And we know how many those were — Let’s get this country back on track, let’s get the poor out of poverty and government dependance and into the job market, let’s avoid 40% of our paychecks going to the government, and let’s make this a place we are all proud of (pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-family, pro-jobs, pro-R&R for the win!!

  • Paul

    lol Patrick! All you’ve done in your post is claim what’s been said as propaganda and then begin the typical atheist slandering of religion. Must be running out of ideas, you poor thing

  • Patrick

    So Danny m’lad, if Romney succeeds in buying the election, is he going to appoint you Minister of Propaganda? You certainly have a penchant for it. Thing is, a majority of people in America no doubt concur that folks like you are extremist cultists. And that’s why you will again be very disappointed in President Obama being re-elected and President Clinton being elected in 2016 and 2020. Maybe you should start looking for a country that’s more suitable to your kind of right wing extremist cult politics.

    • Bobo

      you are an atheist troll who says nothing of any importance. Your ideas are a joke

    • Curious

      I guess Patrick is mixing up a bought election. He is confused. It is his “god”, Obama, that spent a RECORD $760,370,195 to “buy” the election in 2008. Facts are facts Patrick, and you and the likes of you are really scrambling with all your propaganda (LIES). I constantly pray for you and will continue to do so. I pray you find GOD in your life, our REAL GOD, not a man you have made to be your god. God bless

    • Joe M

      Patrick. Regardless of “sides”, Dan clearly puts forth a more complete and compelling argument than you have here. I challenge you to skip the personal attacks and respond with a comparable level of effort. Are you able to do that?

      • whart

        Patrick, It’s great how the ‘majority’ of Americans chose you to be their spokesperson.

        Get your tissues ready for Nov. 7th. See you at the polls!

        MLsouth – Right on! Romney/Ryan 2012!

  • Sean

    Mr. Flaherty is spot-on! Obama is not Harry Truman. He isn’t even Bill Clinton. He is not the sort of American politician which people have seen before. Hopefully, enough voters have begun to figure that out.
    He and his supporters are atheists or functional atheists. Their ideology is their religion. That religion is imposed daily in every large university. It is imposed in many public schools at every level.
    Such believers view with absolute contempt the members of any church which gets in the way of the imposition of their ideological dreams.
    They don’t go to church. For that matter, they don’t hunt or fish either. They don’t like, or even understand, people who go to church, hunt, fish, etc. They don’t believe in constitutional rights with which they have no use. Constitutional rights are whatever a majority of Supreme Court justices say they are.
    Oh, if elected, Obama will appoint more Supreme Court justices.



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