Preying On Fear: Planned Parenthood’s Manipulation Of Expectant Mothers


It won’t come as any shock to readers who are a part of the pro-life movement, but the results of a survey published in the book Aborted Women: Silent No More, provide more heartbreaking evidence that abortion is only the surface “choice” of the mother, and instead the tragic endgame of a series of manipulation and lies by Planned Parenthood, along with unfortunate direction given by those a scared pregnant woman turns to for advice.

Sarah Terzo at LifeSiteNews, summarized the sad data. Some of the lowlights were that 83 percent of the women who suffered post-abortion trauma would have chosen differently had they not been advised otherwise by people, including their abortion “counselors.” Only 5 percent were even encouraged by their Planned Parenthood “counselors” to ask questions.

It’s yet another piece of evidence—as though more were needed—that Planned Parenthood’s alleged concern for women’s health is merely a public relations ploy, while the real game is to keep the money from abortions coming in. Abortion is a big business, and it’s one form of big business where the political Left has given its docile subservience.

The survey results seem to imply though, that the 83 percent who felt pushed into the abortion didn’t have it happen exclusively inside the doors of the Planned Parenthood. And it’s here that continued prayer and pro-life formation is required within the culture, because it’s fair to say that a friend or family member who advises abortion is often feeling the same fear as the expectant mother—not to the same degree certainly—but the same general outline of what will happen, what will become of the child, how will it be cared for.  It’s in these venues where the light of a Culture of Life has to break through more clearly and ensure the expectant mother never has a chance to be manipulated, lied to and exploited by the minions of Planned Parenthood.

I’m somewhat of an optimist on human nature, and I think that even in a movement that is, at its bottom, rank evil, only 10 percent or so of the practitioners really grasp what they’re doing. When it comes to the big business of abortion, those 10 percent are on the payroll at Planned Parenthood. Out there beyond the walls of the abortion mills, lie the other 90 percent, well-intentioned, but caught adrift in a culture that’s lost its moorings. Reach the 90 percent and the rest will be rendered irrelevant.

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