Priceless! Elections turn NARAL President from happy :) face –> sad :( face

I about lost it when a friend pointed this out to me.

On Monday, the day before Tuesday’s elections, NARAL Pro-Choice America President Nancy Keenan signed her letter to supporters (encouraging them to support pro-abort candidates) with this picture of her beaming smile:

Today, after the crushing defeats suffered by pro-abortion candidates at the polls yesterday, Keenan sent out another letter to her supporters … and this time, her expression had changed:

It looks her cause is having a bad day … which is great news for the babies! :)



13 thoughts on “Priceless! Elections turn NARAL President from happy :) face –> sad :( face

  1. […] Catholic Vote contrasts the pre-election emotion of NARAL’s Nancy Keenan with post-election Nancy, as featured in emails to supporters. What a difference a day makes. […]

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by OSU Right to Life, Catherine Rendle. Catherine Rendle said: @dooobeee i feel some west wing is in order for tuesday evening. […]

  3. Martin Snigg says:

    Looks like a brute of a woman. She gets taxpayer funds to do her worst? At the Nuremberg style trials for the lot of them I can imagine: “I just did my duty” “I didn’t know butchering babies was bad” “It was for the future of glorious America” “I was told to be efficient by my supervisor” “The poor are a drain on society” “Margaret Sanger got a Smithsonian display! so it must have been OK” “The babies are just sub-human anyway”

    They are so monotonously, banally evil:

    Del Amitri sung about them:

    They’ll burn down the synagogues at six o’clock
    and we’ll all go along like before.

  4. chris says:

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! i normally don’t really care about politics. in fact i usually find it kinda depressing but after Tuesdays votes and the great news that’s been coming out of it like the 60+ seats being occupied by pro life republicans that were previously being occupied by pro-abort democrats. i think we’re finally seeing an end to this great battle for life! YESSSSSSSSS!

    1. Carol says:

      I think maybe we’re finally seeing a BEGINNING to this great battle for life!

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