Primary Justice

Some of the criticism of Mitt Romney has gotten completely out of hand. That is the point of my syndicated column this week.

After reading it, do you agree … at all?



  • tz1

    I don’t like who his friends are. There was this hedgefund that created a corporation, funded it with a million dollars, wrote a check to they Romney campaign, then dissolved it the next day.

    If he accepts this corruption as “normal”, why should I expect him to listen to conservatives or govern conservatively instead of the usual crony-capitalism? When the big medical corporations find another anti-life thing which requires subsidy, or some other thing that is abhorrent to the church, I fully expect Romney to repay the campaign favors.

    Judge the candidates by who is sending cash to fund their campaigns.

    A few years ago Mark Crutcher and prolifeamerica (life dynamics) was all set to testify in front of Orrin Hatch of Utah about the sales of aborted baby parts – but big medical got to him and it was cancelled.

    He was bought. The crony capitalists already have their mitts on Romney. The rest is just saying the right things to get voted into office, not speaking from the core of values.

    I laugh despairingly at people who say “we need to support the troops”, yet reject the candidate that the troops support (more than the rest combined).

    It isn’t who speaks the most correct words, but the one with the greatest honor and integrity who should be supported. Liars speak truth most of the time. Principled men speak it always. Traitors appear to be the greatest supporters. Men of honor often disagree and say so but don’t change their views.

    Romney if elected will face even worse and harder challenges as President than as Governor. Forgiving him for expedient betrayal as Governor simply means that you expect him to do exactly the same if elected President. You have damned him with faint praise. I could not do a better job.

    Newt has already proven to be a mislabeled chameleon. A liberal or corporate plant with misconceptions about catholic teaching.

    That leaves…

    Do you want a weathervane, even if a stiff one that needs a gust to do a 180, or a rock that hasn’t moved and won’t move even in a torrent?

  • Tim Su llivan

    Hah, Italy demonstrators rally against Berlusconi



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