Pro-aborts in Chicago slash tires, threaten more violence against pro-lifers

I remember hearing some background chatter about pro-aborts protesting a recent tribute held in Chicago in honor of Joe Scheidler, one of the founders of pro-life activism in this country.

Some pro-abortion activists, however, have completely crossed the line into physical intimidation and acts of violence.

This message was posted on the Chicago Independent Media Center website by someone using the name “Pro-choice militant” on April 2nd (I’ve redacted the foul language and some other particularly egregious parts):


On the night of April 2nd, shortly after the pro choice demo against Joe Scheidler, another attack from pro-choice militants was carried out against him and his followers.
Three cars of pro-life activists had their tires slashed. It’s only been a few months since two of Scheidlers front windows of his home were attacked with chunks of asphault than contained “cryptic” messages denouncing Scheidlers sexist bull****. Aside from wanting Joe to remove that Indiana Jones [deleted] lookin hat, we hope, and will see to it, that his punk-a** receives constant and aggressive confrontation until he quits the ridiculous anti-choice bull****. [Sentence deleted.] Those who attempt to take away ones freedom deserve it not for themselves.

You can find the original online here. I rated the article “Terrible.”

This sort of violence and intimidation ought to be quickly and unequivocally condemned. If someone claiming to be pro-life posted something like this, pro-abortion leaders would be clamoring for apologies from the pro-life movement and the media would cover the story.

The idea that pro-lifers don’t “deserve” basic civil rights isn’t as radical as one would think. No less than NJ Senator Frank Lautenberg recently told a Planned Parenthood rally: “These people (referring to the pro-life advocates) don’t deserve the freedoms in the Constitution.”

Welcome to the “new tolerance” – where the only views not tolerated are views that dissent from the liberal agenda.

Please join me in praying for Joe’s safety and for the safety of all those who bravely defend the unborn.



  • Steve

    When your enemy starts to feel that they have been beaten, they will lash out as a last resort to more abhorent tactics. They have nothing left to say because there is nothing left to say. Rejoice because we know how the story ends.

  • Rocky Lore

    I find it funny that these are the same pro-abortion fascists who often complain about harassment.

  • There

    Compare the actions of those activists with this video of the pro-life group who showed up to support Joe:

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  • kel

    Video of the protest (but not the tire slashing part)

  • Bruce

    The “No-Choice” movement at its finest. Defeating armies often resort to scorching the earth and destroying as much as possible during their prolonged retreat. Mind you, none of these violent and “anti-choice” actions will make any difference to us. The battle is won.

    • Karen

      Amen! Christ has won the victory.



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