Pro-Life Flash Mob–Philippines Version

UPDATE:  Diana Uichanco, the author of the news story on this event, sent me a link to further coverage and pictures on her blog describing the pro-life flash mob’s contact with the pro-RH-bill demonstrators. 

She also sent me this pro-life resource portal of the Catholic Church in the Philippines.

Thanks, Diana!

Positive pro-life public demonstrations are spreading, the world over.

CV recently reported on the youthful, positive demonstrations conducted by pro-lifers in Chicago, filling the streets with balloons and a peaceful, joyful pro-life presence.  Similar Catholic events occurred in the UK and Canada.

This week, pro-life university students in the Philippines held a similar event–a silent pro-life march with red balloons and an important message. 

The demonstration was part of the effort to oppose a bill (the “RH bill”) that in various versions has proposed: hard or soft population control, abortifacients and contraceptives, and mandatory sexual degradation (“education”) even for children in Catholic schools, all in the false name of “women’s health.”

The bill would expand the government’s contraceptive promotion by billions of dollars, in a country where real health needs of the very poor are in great need.

Even in a campaign that is “against” a bad policy like the RH bill, “positive” pro-life demonstrations like this one can be powerful and, if you will, uplifting. 

Pray for all in the Church in the Philippines that they will be able to defeat this destructive bill and push back the destructive influences of the Western contraceptive imperialistic mentality.



  • Diana

    Thank you so much for blogging about this, Matt, and helping us inform others about what these university students are doing for the culture of life! Hopefully, they’ll inspire others to be more pro-active in the fight for a life-respecting, family-friendly, God-fearing society.

  • Ryan Haber

    Hear, hear!



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