Professional soccer player facing persecution for pre-game Catholic prayer

Some good ol’ anti-Catholic persecution happening in the world of professional soccer:

JAVIER HERNANDEZ could be forced to abandon his pre-match Catholic prayer when Manchester United face Rangers in Glasgow on Wednesday week.

Deeply religious Hernandez – nicknamed Chico – kneels on the centre spot and prays ­before kick-off in every game he starts. But it is believed United boss Alex Ferguson – a former Rangers player – will advise the 22-year-old to ditch his ritual at Ibrox.

Rangers fans have already vowed on websites to target Hernandez if he goes through his normal routine and that will worry Ferguson who is anxious for United’s visit to pass peacefully. (UK People)

The explanation for this drama is two-fold: one, European soccer fans make a really big deal of soccer. Second, the match is happening in Glasgow, where physical confrontation and dispute between protestants and Catholics are still a very real thing.



  • Laura

    I doubt he does it for the attention. He already has hundreds of people paying attention to his every move in the field, he doesn’t need anything “extra”, and I think that assuming he has selfish intentions is very uncharitable. I can see why it would be a tense situation in this particular case, but bottom line is that he should be able to pray wherever he wants to without fear of offending anyone, modern society dictates that you can’t pray unless nobody sees you which is ridiculous. Will we have to go down to the catcombs to pray for fear of what might happen if we’re seen in public(again)?

  • Linda Gonzalez 408

    Wow this just amazes me more im a huge soccer fan enjoy watching European soccer and especially seeing people like “Chicharito” play in Europe(I said people like him because im Mexican like him. Even though im a huge soccer fan I am Catholic first in what ever situation!!!! I have seen many interviews of this man and he seems like a humble man and as well plays excellent that is why he is where he is at. So I believe this man doesn’t do the prayer he does just for spectacle it’s because it’s his faith. Well duh!!!! he came from one of the biggest catholic countries on earth Mexico! Plus all soccer players in Mexico do prayers during before and games so that is why he does it!

  • Carl von Buelow

    Such a beautiful thing…being a witness to Christ through soccer!

  • Michelle

    Can Protestants not pray? How about he invite others to join him in prayer?

    • Patrick

      Excellent suggestion, I hope they think of that and both full teams pray together at midfield before the game! Amen.



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