Pro-Life Photo: Hands up for Life!

AmP reader Mary responded to my request to make this photo even more powerful:

Many friends are also making this graphic their Facebook profile picture for the weekend:

Make a statement for the vulnerable unborn today!



  • Reynalda

    Beautiful picture! I used this picture to advertise a pro-life event. I hope that is OK!!

  • Rebekah


    Hey Thomas, or anybody else with the know-how, is there a way to put a video together of baby pictures, and pictures of the March for Life and put it to John Denver’s song, “I Want to Live”? (

    I would like to, but I’m no whiz with computers. It’s a great song, and seems to go perfectly with the pro-life movement, but then I’m not sure about copyright laws and all the rest of the details.


  • mary

    The March 2011 in the US.. couldnt come at a better time.. you give us much courage here in Canada– that one day.. yes one day.. we will see the dawn of a’civilization of love’… and the word abortion wont exist ….- babies will be born.. and women and men will be happy because the did not kill their child – and America will be reborn.. and Canada and all the western nations that have been involved in the biggest planned killing exercise in the world ever.

    May God strengthen you/us all as we join hands with you across the world. and proclaim ‘the Sanctity of life.. from conception to natural death..” God is with you, God is with us.. of whom should we be afraid..

  • carmen

    where do you go to get this pro life pic of hands on your facebook profile?



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