Promoting abortion through lies and false compassion

In the United States, the Supreme Court legalized abortion in the Roe v. Wade case, in part because the woman who brought the case was allegedly raped. It turns out that “Jane Roe” — who is actually Norma McCorvey — was never raped at all. (And praise God, she is now pro-life!) So this case preyed on Americans’ well-intentioned but misguided compassion for rape victims — and it was a lie to top it off.

And now in Ireland, abortion supporters are engaged in a campaign to legalize abortion in the Emerald Isle and their methods (no surprise) rely on lies and misguided compassion.

Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny wants legal grounds for an abortion if the baby’s mother is suicidal. Anthony Murphy, editor of the Dublin-based Catholic Voice, detailed at CatholicVote the circumstances behind this recent legislative attack on unborn life.

Now the Irish-based Life Institute has put out a fact sheet detailing how science and health research do not support the dubious notion that abortion is in any way helpful to women considering suicide. In fact, abortion can further harm them.

Keep praying for Ireland.



  • Frantastic1

    The Supreme Court did not “legalize abortion in Roe v. Wade.” Abortion was already legal in most states in 1973 when Roe was decided. What the Supreme Court found in Roe was that it was an unconstitutional invasion of privacy for states to ban abortion in all instances. There is actually a legal test in Roe that set forth how much a state could regulate abortions during each trimester. I find that most people don’t actually know much about Roe.

  • Msgr. Charles M. Mangan

    J.M.J. Thank you, Joshua. I pray that the great country of Ireland will not proceed down the dangerous road that our country has taken. Abortion harms all parties.

    • jgbech

      Msgr. My family came from Ireland. The church had a heavy hand on social “issues” in both Catholic Ireland and Poland. I detail what I’ve heard or recall:

      A Catholic woman gave birth within wedlock. When attempting to attend Mass she was not allowed to enter the church by the main entrance. She had to go to a side door where the priest offered her absolution for committing the “sin of Adam”.

      Then there is the Magdalene House in Dublin. A young woman gives birth as an unwed mother. The Nuns confiscate the newborn child and place the mother in the convent, (laundry). Many years went by and the child erred and was placed in the house. One day both mother and daughter were working next to each other. They did not know each other. Painful beyond belief.

      So, tell me what you know of the Magdalene House? And, why did the catholic hierarchy in Ireland and the Vatican choose to ignore the house of horrors?



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