Pure Drama: ‘Of Gods & Men’

So I’ve fallen behind a bit in my posts and I’m getting up to speed with some shameless self promotion of a recent column I wrote about the movie Of Gods And Men. Yes, it’s French and subtitled. But don’t let that stop you. It’s also not about jihadi violence as one might surmise from the story line. It’s not out on DVD yet, but hopefully you’ve got a has-been theater showing it nearby. That’s how I saw it after missing it in the mainstream theater.

Cinematography, story, and acting are all superb. I also love that it’s a deeply Catholic film with secular appeal. Read more here.

Next week, I’ll start with more film chatter, though it won’t be a highbrow.



  • davide

    Impossibile! Italiano non avrebbe mai vedere un film francese :)

  • Lawrence

    I also reviewed it for Catholic Chapter House here: http://www.catholicchapterhouse.com/blog/2011/03/27/of-gods-and-men/

    • Pia de Solenni

      Thanks for the link. I’ll post it on my blog, too. Truly a spectacular movie, no?

      • Lawrence

        Indeed. I couldn’t move when the credits started scrolling.

  • Karamazov

    The film accurately depicts community life in a Monastic setting. I often had trouble remembering that these guys were actors.

    • Pia de Solenni

      Agreed. At times, it was like watching Into Great Silence with dialogue…



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