Whether the new federal mandate of contraception, abortifacients and sterilization coverage was actually designed for the culture President Obama tolerates in his secret service.

That shouldn’t be surprising since we know the president wants to mold America in Planned Parenthood’s image.



  • davide

    All I could think off when the SS scandal broke was the prostitute must have been a terrible hooker if she couldn’t even get the 30 bucks owed her. I don’t think I will ever understand how anyone could rent out their body nor why any dude would put his stick in places it does not belong. People are weird. But yes Matt I think you are right.

  • Cris

    Simple – the Director of the Secret Service hasn’t been forced to resign after such a horrific failure – thus Obama tolerates the behavior in question


    Matt – lets take this just a Littttle more seriously! The President has a personal, vested interest in the agents NOT cavorting with hookers when on a protective detail (Excuse me Maria, I’ve got to pull up my pants to draw my gun to protect the president!) and finally … Am I the only guy in this forum who knows even a little about the seamier side of life?…… The ladies provided the condoms. -Pax Greg

  • Henry

    Matt-Can you elaborate on how Obama “tolerates” the Secret Service behavior in question? If he tolerates it, he must have known about it and not done anything about that. As zero media outlets have reported that the President had any knowledge, can you share your sources of this information?



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