"Radically inclusive"? Does that include evil?

Because of your votes AmericanPapist continues to climb the rankings in the Blogger’s Choice Awards!

The “radically inclusive Christian blog” slightly ahead of me is run by a fellow who calls himself “Madpriest” and encourages people to vote for him with headlines such as these (I’ve included my reactions in parenthesis):

  • “Flip the bird at boring church” (it’s that kind of solution that ends up “flipping” yourself.)
  • “Together we are beautiful” (unity in anything besides truth is slavery of the worst sort.)
  • “Free your mind and God will follow” (God gave us a mind to follow Him. That’s freedom.)

So today I’ve decided to give “MadPriest” himself the task of convincing folks why they should register and then vote for AmericanPapist and other fine Catholic blogs out there (it’s very fast and easy to get setup).

After all, we at least hold to the principle that the only “radical inclusivity” is that of God’s love, a love which is always lived according to the Truth (and yes, even if that truth includes “boring Church” sometimes).

Now that’s truly beautiful.

Update: With the radically inclusive blog far in the dust, AmP actually has a chance of knocking the Athiest blog off the front page! Good job, folks!


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