Rallying for Religious Liberty

Every January a few hundred thousand people participate in the March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Today, Stand Up For Religious Freedom rallies will be at noon in over 100 cities across the country.

Franciscan University Office of Student Life, in conjunction with ten different student groups—including Students for a Fair Society, Students for Life, and Young Americans for Freedom—is co-sponsoring three buses to take as many Franciscan University students, faculty, and staff as want to go to the Pittsburgh Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally. About 165 will be going up on the buses, and who knows how many will be there in their own cars on this gorgeous Friday afternoon. Father Terence Henry, TOR, University president, will be one of the speakers.

I’m driving up on my own and I’ll be taking pictures and tweeting what I see/hear.




  • Daniel

    Lets all stand up for our right to impose our beliefs on others!

    • Bruce

      Asking for room to practice our faith and follow our consciences is “imposing our beliefs” on you? That is laughable and silly, Daniel. I thought the “reason” crowd was all about reason. How silly of me.

      • Daniel

        Bruce, your practice of faith and conscience may dictate that you abstain from practicing birth control. Shouldn’t others of a different faith be equally free to follow their consciences and religions? All this noise about HHS mandates strikes me as simple coercion, attempting to get others to adhere to what the Catholic church believes, even extending to the use of non-church funds for the care of non-Catholic employees.

  • Del Trotter

    I wish I had heard about this sooner. Please try to advertise these in advance. Good luck to all involved!

  • T Pringle

    Orlando rally taking place at the Federal Courthouse in Downtown for those in our area. Here’s more information: http://www.thomaspringle.com/2012/03/stand-up-for-religious-freedom-orlando/ I’ll be there tweeting pictures and other info (@thomaspringle).

  • Hilltop

    Big rally in Washington ini front of the HHS building TODAY.



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